4.7 5 0 73 73 Desde dermatitis causada por el pañal y piel irritada, esta pomada de propósitos múltiples, alivia, suaviza y humecta.
Unguento curativo Balmex Multi Purpose
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Muy bueno
El pediatra de mi nena lo recomendó para las rozadura es buenísimo. Lo uso con mi bebe de 8 meses y le ayuda bastante
The only one that works
My little one just got the stomach virus and had a horrendous diaper rash with sores as a result. We tried everything, even prescription. Aquaphor, desitin, boudreaux’s.... nothing worked except balmex!!
Works wonders.
I don't have a baby but I use it on myself. I am incontinent and it works great for adults too. It also seems to help when my wrists get really dry and such in the winter when lotions typically just make it worse. I would recommend this to anyone that needs it regardless of age.
Best healing ointment for baby. Great for dry or irritated skin. Helps heal and sooth diaper rashes almost instantly.
This product may be made for babies but it's great for adults as well. It goes on really smooth and soft, and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. I put it on my baby's bum if she has any redness, and also on any dry patches on her (or my) skin. It has a pleasant smell as well. It looks and feels much like Vaseline, but does a fantastic healing job.
This soap works great. It smells amazing and is gentle on baby's skin.
I use this for my granddaughter. It keeps her bottom free from rashes and irritation.
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This stuff is awesome! Used it both with my babies. It keeps the rashes away, used it every time I change their diapers. Can't live without this or my babies will get rashes easily
I've always thought that Balmex was only for diaper rashes. Will definitely to trying its other uses.
I recommend balmex to anyone with a baby, this stuff works great. I've used it on all 3 of my kids. It's the best
A multitasker product that saves our family! Mess free and really effective! Helps with my baby's rashes. You do not have to use too much.
This is amazing & so fast-working! It contains several moisturizers & it has vitamin A & vitamin D. Another great aspect is how it's clear instead of white; it's easier to apply than most other ointments & doesn't make as big a mess. My son gets diaper rashes from time to time, but this is the go-to when I need to treat &/or prevent that. Keeping moisture out of the diaper area is important to me & this is the perfect product to make sure a protective barrier is between him & any wetness. I definitely recommend this! Note: it also smells a lot better than most diaper cream/ointment products. It smells like baby powder.
This is a bathroom staple in my house. We use this for minor rashes, and chaffing mostly. Works like a charm with keeping moisture out and has instant relief. Goes on smooth and dries fairly quick. A little goes a long ways.
This product may be made for babies and overlooked by adults, but I bought it knowing that it would be good for sensitive skin. It looks and feels much like Vaseline, butt does a fantastic healing job.

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