4.4 5 0 96 96 La energía natural del té verde. Sin colorantes artificiales, sabores o conservantes.
V8 V-Fusion
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Great juice
Absolutely perfect. Everything I expected and wanted
A mi madre le encanta y a mi ni se diga son deliciosos, nutritivos y un sabor único!
V8 V-Fusion
#V8VFusion These drinks are very tasty and very good for your body. I drink 3 a day. If your not getting your fruits and veggies than I highly recommend that you try this product.
V-8 have you had one?
V8 fusion energy drinks are so delicious. I like the black cherry one but I prefer the tropical version the best. They really do give me energy and they taste great with no crazy aftertaste. I can only drink them ice cold out of the fridge because that's when they are so crisp.try them out
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This drink is a favorite in my house. My husband and daughter both love it. Originally i was a little skeptical because i dont like black cherry but, the v8 drink is actually pretty delicious.
Delicious & effective!
I was really surprised with this product. I have tried so many different energy drinks & this one tops them all! Not only is it extremely healthy, but it’s effective in providing energy as well! I haven’t tried this flavor, but the pomegranate blueberry is refreshing & a great boost to add to your day! I’d highly recommend trying! It’s a much better alternative than red bull or monster.
Kids Love Them
My kids love this V8 juice! I received a coupon a while back and I thought they would enjoy the black cherry. I was right! Now they insist on carrying one of these in their lunchboxes each day.
New & Improved!
The V8 products that are out now are COMPLETELY different than the Original V8. I'm impressed.
Son loves it
My older son is a serious athlete - running 2 to 3 times per day - he really likes this beverage to give him and sustain his energy during his practices. He has liked all of the flavors that he's tried.
Perfection tea!
I love this tea because it has a variety of flavors to choose from, the source of caffeine is from Green tea, it has fruits and vegetables in it, it's in a can, and it tastes great!
Tastes great!
I’m pretty sure I have tried all the flavors of V8 energy that is out there and all of the flavors are amazing!! They have a variety of great ingredients, vitamins you don’t get in all energy drinks and they do not make you feel jittery.
Absolutely delicious!I get this drink whenever I see it.I love how so much refreshment comes from such a little can.Must try if you have not yet.
Perfect summertime day starter
This is a great way to start a hot southern summer day. It is light refreshing and awakening. it had a great taste and exceptional pick me up. I would defiantly recommend this product.
I love the V8 Energy Drinks
I wanted to get away from having a pepsi every morning so i could lose some weight and stop drinking them so much. I do not like coffee,so i tried these V8-Energy drinks. They are so much better for you then a Red bull or a Monster energy drink. Those drinks are full of sugar and the fake sugars that i did not want. V8's are more natural energy from green tea with a caffeine mix. It has Vitamins, that leave me feeling good, minus the sugar crash red bulls give me. These V8's are my favorite new drink. So many different flavors to try, i think i have tried them all so far, I only wish more places carried these drinks.
engery drink
i love this product so much i love that it is healhtier than other products and the taste is so wonderful and it has the right amount of flover its not to strong and it has great vitamins in it for you

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