Vacplus - Tabletas limpiadoras para inodoros 12 piezas - Limpiadores automáticos para inodoros con lejía

4.8 5 0 43 43 <li> BLANQUEAR EFICIENTEMENTE: Contienen ingredientes blanqueadores, las tabletas limpiadoras de inodoros Vacplus pueden eliminar de manera eficiente las incrustaciones de orina, cal, manchas de óxido y otras suciedades rebeldes al mismo tiempo que eliminan el olor desagradable y acre del inodoro con cada descarga. <li> EFECTIVAMENTE REFRESCANTE: Durante el intervalo entre dos descargas, los ingredientes disueltos de los limpiadores de inodoros con lejía Vacplus se acumulan automáticamente y forman una película protectora de agua, evitando que las manchas se adhieran y manteniendo el brillo en cualquier momento. <li> ÚLTIMAMENTE LIMPIO: Equipado con tecnología de liberación lenta, cada limpiador de inodoro Vacplus con lejía limpia continuamente el inodoro hasta por 15 días. Con 12 paquetes para uso de reemplazo, las tabletas de inodoro Vacplus pueden mantener la taza del inodoro fresca durante más de 25 semanas. <li> OLOR NO ACRE: Las tabletas limpiadoras de tanques de inodoro Vacplus no producen un olor acre cuando se desodoriza la taza del inodoro con fórmulas suaves con ingredientes neutros. Solo tenga la seguridad de que los limpiadores automáticos de inodoros con lejía no traen irritantes cuando están en uso. <li> INGREDIENTES NEUTRO: Las fórmulas neutrales y suaves permiten que los limpiadores de inodoros Vacplus limpien a fondo los inodoros sin dañar ninguna pieza de metal o plástico en el sistema de plomería o tanque séptico, lo que hace que la limpieza del inodoro sea fácil y sin complicaciones. </li>
Vacplus - Tabletas limpiadoras para inodoros 12 piezas - Limpiadores automáticos para inodoros con lejía


Never Fails
This is a great way to keep your toilet sanitized at all times without having to scrub it everyday. It's very easy to use by just dropping one in the back of your toilet and it does the rest for you. Keeps stains from forming in your bowl and keeps odor at bay.
Works great!
These work great at keeping the bowl white and ring free. My only (small) complaint is the whole house smells like bleach the first few days after using it.
Saves the day!
There's nothing I dislike more than cleaning toilets! The Vacplus toilet bowl cleaner tablets have been a wonderful addition to my cleaning routine! They do the work automatically without me having to remember.
These toilet bowl tabs with bleach work great on cleaning and temoving toilet stains. I definitely recommend.
Works great!!
I was so happy to find a bleach toilet tablet, that didn't have the blue dye. VacPlus tablets work great & I like the clean bleach smell, everytime I flush. Considering it's a 12ct package, they're quite affordable too.
Am like much
toilet boiler cleaning am using first time and my toilet is good cleaner
Love it!
I’m all for anything that saves me time when cleaning and this product does just that! We have problems with hard water, but with this I don’t have to worry about that showing in the toilet. Most importantly, I don’t have to worry about little sprinkles of toilet water splashing out while I scrub. Thankfully I no longer have to scrub vigorously, I can softly clean with the toilet brush and move on to my next task.
Vacplus toilet bowl cleaner
My new favorite absolutely love these they clean like no other my bowl is whiter than love the price very reasonable wouldn't change a thing
Work Well
I have hard water with iron so when I saw this I figured I'd try it. It works well. I don't have the hard water ring as much. Smell is okay and my bowl look nice and clean.
Love the toilet bowl cleaner. So easy to use and does a quick job of cleaning toilet and keeps it clean for days. I would recommend this product.
These work well
Awesome.. these are much better than other brands I've tried
Helps keep my the toilet bowl clean. it dose have a scent ! you can smell it with each flush. I'm not into the chemically smell but its easy and works well. you drop it into your tax after a flush when water is low and that's it!! last about 2 weeks! its not safe for children or pets so keep the lid down or opt for something else if you have curious kids or a mischievous pet!!
Everything was perfectly lovely. My sister always makes the toilet look like it hasn’t been cleaned in years and this always does the charm! Don’t need to worry about scrubbing harshly or anything.
I was pleasantly surprised that it kept my toilet bowl clean
Keeps my toilet clean and smelling nice. I have 4 boys around my house and I always make sure it smells nice. I don't think any improvements are needed

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