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Vitafusion Women's Vitamins
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Best in the market
Vitafusion women's multivitamins the best of any I have tried in the past. I've tried at least four other kinds. First, I love that they are gummies and are soft and easy to chew. Second, they taste good and you feel like you are eating some berry fruit snacks rather than taking vitamins.Third, they are effective. I I notice a more energy increase after taking these for two weeks.
Works great!
I love Vitafusion gummies. They taste great, easy to chew. I would recommend these.
Vitafusion Women's Vitamins
I have been a fan of Vitafusion gummies for a long time, The flavor and texture are very nice, not too sweet and almost like a treat first thing in the morning.
I take them daily
I prefer to take gummy vitamins and these are great! I like the flavor or the vitamins and I take them daily. I switched to this brand when my other vitamins weren’t as easy to find in the store. I would recommend!
Vitafusion Women's Vitamins
Woman's Vitafusion gummy are very good and healthy for you. They absorb in your body fast and that means you are getting everything you need to stay healthy. I highly recommend this product
Not only do these vitamins taste good, they seem to be working! I am more energized, less lethargic, and I feel better physically. It’s a good price for what you’re getting!
I do take them daily
I take these daily there the only ones i take so they seem to do what it says
So far so good
I just started taking this about 5 days ago. I have already noticed that I have more energy. I like the flavor and texture as well.
My Favourite
This product is now my new go-to vitamins that I reach for every time. Taste great!
I was not expecting these to be tasty but, they are. I love the pick me up I get from these. As a busy mom of 4, these come in handy, and its a great price for the size you get. These really help me make a bigger supply of breast milk too.
My favorite chew
I have always hated taking pills so I have turned to chews to help me get the vitamins I need. After trying several different brands Vitafusion is the one and only brand I can stomach. The flavor is literally perfect.
Gummy vitamins
So I recently purchased Vitafusion Women's Vitamins. They were gummy vitamins which I normally enjoy taking. These ones were okay it was just the flavor i wasn't particularly fond of, other than that I'm sure they did their job without any problems.
Yum but healthy?
I love the way these gummies taste and it’s an easy way to get my vitamins in. I do question how “healthy” I am being by starting the day with sugar though...and after a couple weeks the gummies love to get stuck together and hard to get out. Overall great for someone who struggles to take their vitamins.
Daily use
These are my go to vitamins! I take two every morning, and have been doing so for over two years now. Large vitamin pills tend to make me nauseous, so these are perfect for my sensitive stomach.
I really like the taste and the level of energy it gave throughtout the day.

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