4,5 5 0 197 197 <p>Andolex-C<sup>®</sup> Wildberry Pastilles is an exciting new non-medicated addition to the Andolex<sup>®</sup> brand, with a pleasant mild Wildberry and menthol flavour. The new Andolex-C<sup>®</sup> Pastilles soothes & protects a dry mouth & throat on-the-go.</p> <p>Andolex-C<sup>®</sup> Wildberry Pastilles, are preservative free soft lozenges that contain the natural ingredient Ectoin<sup>®</sup>, which forms a protective and moisturizing shield in the mouth, to help reduce and prevent symptoms of a dry mouth & itchy, scratchy throat.</p> <p>Andolex-C<sup>®</sup> Pastilles for the treatment & prevention of:</p> <li>Dry mouth</li> <li>Hoarseness due to voice overuse</li> <li>Itchy, scratchy dry throat </li> <p>Relieves, Hydrates, Protects</p> <br>Available for sale in Feb 2019</br> <br>*For more information, please consult your healthcare professional</br>
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Pastilles are the best since its difficult to suck as hard sweet when you have a sore throat. I even gave my your son and it worked
Andolex - C Wildberry Pastilles
Love the taste and it like melts in your mouth. Helped me with my dry throat and mouth.
I have heard tried this product once and Andolex-C is fast and effective for colds and sore throat especially. I would love a tester please. Nash
Andolex is the best
Andolex.is just the best in its category Now it's in a.lovely new flavour Wildberry...but what's ever better is the amazing minty aftertaste! And it heals you-win!
Andolex Chewables
I have always been a huge fan of Andolex spray for sore throats for my whole family, it works quickly with so much relief, but to get to test the pastilles was the best opportunity, it is easy to keep in your bag, easy on the mouth and throat and works like a charm, also stops your mouth from getting dry when those sore throats happen in the ever changing weather, awesome product!!
Worth the buy
Had the pleasure of testing a box from hometester. Its was effective and worth the effort. Found it to soothe the throat quickly and keep the mouth comfortable and free from dry irritability. If anything we cant wait to try it in other flavours
Peace of mind
It is always a peace of mind to have andolex in my medicine box because it is my life saver
This is a life saver in my home and always have stock of these it helps me cause im pron to sore & itchy throat so it helps me always and gives me relief the next day I'm feeling 100% and my voice be restored
Its always difficult to get a 6 year old to take medicine even if it sweets but thnx to this and the flavour she enjoys it wen she has a itchy throat
No more sore throat
It helps with a sore throat almost immediately, really helpful to have a pack in your bag
Great Taste
Another great product by the trsuted brand Andolex. Fast relive and good tasting too!
Great tasting!
I loved the flavour of the pastilles, as they didn't taste as medicinal as other brands. And the product works just as well as the spray which I use often.
Andolex For The Win
I have used the Andolex spray many times but these are a game changer, great to keep in your bag and flavor is yummy too.
Pain relieve
It really works fast to relieve my pain and it taste nice also.
Instant relief
My job requires me to talk the whole day, so I always suffer from a dry throat. I just love that I can pop in one of these and get instant relief. I love the taste too.

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