4,8 5 0 4618 4618 <p>Baby skin is different to adult skin. New Baby Dove’s caring baby products go beyond mildness to help replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby skin, helping to keep it moisturised.</p> <p>Both the Rich Moisture and Sensitive ranges are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrically approved. Baby Dove products are formulated with tear-free cleansers, moisturisers that uniquely replenish essential nutrients and they are also pH-neutral for all babies’ skin types.</p>
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baby soft
My kids now love this products and i buy it on a monthly basis. it leaves baby skin feeling soft smooth and silky. baby skin is now moisturized and healthy. i will recommend this product to all mothers
This has been my go-to brand since my daughter was born. As a new mum to be, I was overly eager to tick off all the necessary items on my checklist, and purchased big bottles of Johnsons No more tears shampoo, and the traditional pink lotion because I loved the smell, but unfortunately they make my baby break out terribly. I was even gifted some Elizabeth Anne's products by a relative to test out, but even those failed dismally and babys skin grew more irritated. I saw the ads running for Baby Dove, and decided to give it a shot. Have not looked back since, and have recommended it to all my family and friends who are expecting. It is gentle on babys skin, moisturises like a dream, and smells amazing. I have purchased both the rich moisture and the sensitive skin varieties, and both agree with my baby. Have tried the lotion and the top to toe wash, and am on my 3rd round!
5 plus more stars
well done dove this baby range products is really the best ever. it keeps the skin moisturized and feeling soft and gentle. using it daily on my kids and the fact that i use my hands to rub the lotion on their bodies i feel the difference on my skin aswel. well done to the maker of dove
I really loved this a lot! A little bit goes a loooong way and the fragrance is really refreshing. I love that it's for a baby but not your generic "baby powder" type scent
Skin smooth and nourished
I have tried this on myself and my little one who has eczema and it leaves skin looking more silky not dry. no skin irritation. wonderful product.
Definitely one of the best
I definitely love using these products on my son, great moisturiser - definitely what Dove are experts at. An improvement I can think of is that it could be distributed in bigger containers. I recommend these products to anyone with small children or people who generally have sensitive skin as the products are not harsh or abrasive and they are great for moisturising
I love it and it makes a great change compared to other products I have used. Heck, I am guilty of using the products on myself
All round amazing. I use dove all the time and have been using it for a while. I use the bar soap and petroleum jelly on my daughter for her eczema. It smells amazing too. I bought the whole range for my sister-in-law when she had her first child.
A great new range for babies. However there are certain ingredients that are not suitable for baby's skin
I have sensitive skin and even though this should be for babies i REALLY LOVE this product! It leave my skin feeling more moist and smoother! High recommend this product!
Baby dove.
I received a pack from Home tester club. I started using it since I gave birth to my baby girl and I got to say its taking gentle care of my baby's skin. The scent is not strong and its very light on those sensitive skin.
Tried this product love how of makes my bbys skin feels n the new spray for the bum is so easy live it
Awesome product
My baby suffers with eczema, and these products worked wonders. She no longer suffers with the dry skin and itchiness. She is much happier. Love Baby Dove products.
Moisture love
I'm totally in love with dove baby. It's the best Choice I ever did for my daughter. Her skin feels more smoother and less dry and full of life since we started using dove on her
Smooth skin
This is an amazing product I'm using it on my 5month old baby. Skin feels soft and Smooth,my baby did not get a rash on his skin and I'm using it since birth.

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