4,7 5 0 2382 2382 <p>Bobtail® has created a nutritious formula that dogs just love. That’s why Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals, along with a perfectly balanced combination of animal-based protein, cereals and vegetable derivatives.</p> <p>A big woof to the newest pack on the block. Bobtail’s new 2-in-1 dog food is the perfect way to add variety to your dog’s meals.</p><p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/bobtail-chewy-meaty-treats.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
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Bobtail 2 in 1
Fussy eaters step aside .. This was amazing to watch the dogs just happy to eat it
My dogs dnt eat any other food
Since I changed my dogs diet and started giving them this there fur has been smooth and shinny and they have a total change in there attitude if I could give a 10 start or more for this product I would
Bobtail 2 in 1
A friend of mine suggested I give this product a try! She told me that her 2 doggies digestive systems improved on Bobtail and the doggies coats were so much better, soft and shiney. I bought the product and have noticed the same improvement in my two fur babies :) Great Product!
Doggie love
My German Shepard mix is not a very picky eater, and I have been struggling to 'fatten him up' as he is very active. He gets a cooked meal at night, but since I tried Bobtail, I can see a difference and he has allot more body and a shiny coat. His poop is healthy and therefore I know he is its definitely good for him.
My Happy doggy
I start using Bobtail for my doggy child – Roxy - at a young age. Bobtail Contains no artificial flavourants or colourants and contains the right combination of protein and vitamins. It will definitely ensure a healthy life for my dog and as a bonus she will have a shiny coat. Another bonus is the variety of flavours available. After she was introduced to Bobtail food, she refuses to eat any other dog food. I’m rest assured when buying Bobtail
The new Bobtail is excellent. Our furr babies absolutely love it. It looks nutritious and allows for the option of dry food or having gravy by adding water.
Great new nutrition for my dog
Really impressed with this dog food. I have switched to this brand now.
My dog loves it
My dog loves bobtail its the only food he prefers. Will definitely recommend this
Awesome product
Amazing product but a bit on the pricey side. I buy a bag every month to mix with my dogs regular dog food. I purchase 3 bags of dog food a month so 3 bags of this is just a little steep.
Happy Tail
I have tried both these products I like the choice of hard chunks or the mixture of hard and soft chunks The dog enjoyed the food very much and it also filled her up and it lasted longer She wasn't so hungry all the time I will highly recommend this dog food
Great for my dog
My dog loves the gravy coated food, especially on colder nights when the warm gravy covers his pellets
My pet's favourite meal. They always sniff food before they eat..but with bobtail 2 in 1 they never do that.
My animals LOOOOVE this!!
My dogs LOVE this dog food. Value for money, I will continue to buy this in the future!
Bobtail 2 in 1
Our dogs love Bobtail and I like feeding them this product because it fills them and gives them the nutrition's they need.
My dogs love it
My dogs love the meaty pockets. They eat them first and then the rest and they always finish all their food.

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