4,7 5 0 242 242 <b>Doom’s scientifically formulated crawling insect killer</b>, delivers a long lasting kill to the applied area while simultaneously killing any crawling insects that cross it’s path instantly. Doom Defend maintains control for up to 4 weeks and is a perfect way to prevent any other crawling insects from invading your space. This product is effective both indoors and outdoors and is available in both 180ml and 300ml variants.
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does what it says
Works amazingly, kills crawling insects immediately. the smell is not intense so that's very good cos we have small kids at home. it kept the cockroaches out even until now. i will recommend this to everyone
number 1 brand
this is my go to brand a must have in the home and is very effective in getting rid of those ants and spiders
doom crawling
works amazing for ants and spiders . and its ouderless
Good Product
I recently purchased this and have used it for about 3 weeks. It definitely works but not for the 4 weeks as advertised. I had to respray after 2 weeks.
Crawling insect killer
A crawling insect gives me the creeps. I spray a litle bit of Doom. No crawlers and I can sleep without worries,It work well for ants and roaches excellent product.
Happy Customer
Doom crawling really works wonders and the scent is so bearable
Best Pestiside
Best for ants and crawling insects. and it do not have an smell that irritate you
Doom crawling
Its a good product and does exactly what it promises. It kills cockroaches and ants quickly, the fact that little goes a long way is a plus. If they made it in low odour it would be even beter. Definitely recommending it.
works wells
A crawling insect gives me the creeps. I spray a litle bit of Doom. No crawlers and I can sleep without worries! It work well for ants excellent product.i tried lot of other products .this one work like a charm
Doom Kills them Dead
Very efficient. kills almost on contact and is safe if you have pets
Very effective!
We struggled with cockroaches [gross!!!] for most of last summer and with the help of this we managed to get rid of them! Really an amazing product and works quickly - a girl's best friend when doing battle alone!
Doom is the best
Doom really is the only brand that works fast and effective, every time!
Life Saver
I had ants all over my new place.I could not even make food without killing ants. I bought this product an my ant problem is gone. It really helps.
Umm, ok!?
I need this for spiders but it takes forever for them to die and they run towards!!!!! It would be great if it worked faster
Works really well, I used for ants and it worked in seconds

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