4,8 5 0 89 89 Introducing the new and improved OMO Power Laundry Capsules with 3 x the power with every wash. Say goodbye to scooping, measuring and pouring and reclaim some of that precious family time from those long laundry days.</p> <p>OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules do not contain bleach, helping to reduce the damage to fibres and maintain colours for longer while removing tough stains like grass, curry stains, chocolate stains and even tea stains, in just a quick wash!</p> With the new fragrance system, the OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules deliver a burst of freshness when they dissolve in the wash, giving a controlled release of a complex perfume so that you get that just-washed freshness that is movement activated and released when needed. Enjoy up to 14 days of wash-to-wash freshness!</p> With twice as much stain removal power per drop, OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules are practical, convenient to pack, easy to store and light to transport. In a world where multitasking has become the norm, wash smarter with a product that dissolves faster than our leading competitor - so that you can get all your washing done in no time! Learn more about OMO 3 X Power Capsules.</p>
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Omo Capsules
It is convenience, excellent packaging and easy to use in your washing machine.
Omo active
Excellent smells fresh and clean. A must have in any household
Omo capsules
I love to use this product leave your washing smelling good
A friend gave me few capsules to try and have used it with my stained items and am inpressed with this product. Its a deffinate on my next shopping list.
Fantastic Smell
Best all in one product for washing laundry. Your laundry will smelling fantastic. Very convenient product.
My first impression was that will this product be enough to wash all my clothes and the answer is yes. Surprisingly washes without spot, and smells great
Fresh clean smell and really do the job and produce clean washing. No need for staysoft but you must use 2 capsules per load and not one.
Omo Active Clean Power Capsules
This product works wonders. I bought while I was doing shopping. I said to myself let me try it out but since then I did not stop using it. My laundry 🧺 is always clean and bright👌🏾 and smelling great
Love my omo capaules
I love the Omo capsules. Just pop in your wash and it cleans and softens all in one and your clothes come out smelling great
Only one is enough
Just pop one in machine and cleans clothes and smells so fresh
Love OMO
I have recently tried this one. I am not sure about it. The smell from this one is not as great as the concentrated capsules. But I like the 3 power action thing it has.
Imo capsules
I've tried it and its a fantastic product and my clothes smell fresh and its super soft
Its Just Great!!!
It makes the clothes smell so fresh, no more scooping up washing powder, no more residue on clothes, a great product by far. Just loving it.
I love Omo, it is one off the only products that I use as it always cleans my clothes with 1 wash hot or cold and it leaves my clothes fresh and hygienic. It is also very concentrated and 1 tub would last me the whole month, great value for money.
Omo Capsules
I am really impressed, So this weekend my regular brand was finished , I went to PnP to buy new once as it is they were out of stock , decided to give this capsules a try, loved the smell and feel, and wow pricing was so much cheaper than those of Ariel.

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