4,8 5 0 75 75 Adidas has a new deo body spray fragrance for him developed with athletes.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/adidas-deo-body-get-ready-for-him.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Adidas Deo Body Spray For Him Get Ready!
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Great scents
My eldest son works out a lot he loves this adidas spray and how it leaves him feeling fresh
Adidas Deo Body Spray for Him
My man bought this spray for himself. He smells so nice when he uses this Adidas Deo Body spray. He will use it again
Hunky Husband
Made my husband smell AMAZING!!! Long lasting too. Even after a long hot day at the office, he still smelled good when he came home!
48hour protection
This perfume keeps you dry all day long..my husband keeps cans all over the house. I love the smell
Product smells good and works well. The only issue is that it is not readily available in most shops
My son uses this product and he loves the smell , very clean and fresh he says
In love
My partner using this - Love this but we battle to find it in all stores - l imited - dischem not available anymore
Spray away
My sons use this product and love it. it is a clean fresh smell that is not owerpowering. thye say it leaves them feeling fresh the whole day.
Man smelling nice
I just love the smell of this Body spray on my man. Leaves his smelling nice and fresh.
Hubby's favourite
This is my hubby's favourite and it smells fantastic. It's a clean smell and I have to say hubby smells like a hugo boss model when he wears it's. Love it.
Fresh for long
Keeps you smelling fresh for much longer. Long lasting smell even on the days where you are experiencing a high degree of heat!
must say was impressed with this, it last long and every body wanted to know what I am using
Tried it and liked it. Nice smell to it, Bring this in o de toilette and I might buy it
This is great deodorant. It leaves you feeling fresh and dry all day long. My husband is quite happy using it.
This is such a great product...leaves you feelish fresh and dry all day and smells so good!

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