4,8 5 0 46 46 This is the original Airwaves Chewing Gum – a unique and powerful recipe that has been specially developed to help combat nasal congestion. The secret ingredients in this deeply refreshing gum include eucalyptus and menthol.</p> This chewing gum is an effective formula that is full of intense minty flavours that will leave you feeling refreshed for hours.</p> If you need to clear your head and invigorate yourself then pick up a pack of these Airwaves Chewing Gums anytime. </p>"Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 7 466 members responded to the survey in November 2018. Airwaves was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Best sugar-free gum”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/reviews/categorydetail/150100"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey.
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The only chewing gum I buy
Best in terms of intense flavour and fresh breath as well as long lasting taste.
I love this flavor. long lasting taste, fresh breath. This is something I must chew everyday.
I have used it and it keeps the mouth fresh. Even when traveling I have them in my purse
A breath of fresh air-waves
My favourite gum, handsdown. The black packet (a liquorice flavour) is my preferred flavour (weird because I dont like liquorice?). It makes my chest feel lighter with a flavour that lingers long. At just R11, Sometimes R13 at Pick n' Pay, a bargain for the quality of gum i feel.
Airwaves has a long lasting taste and the minty flavour wakes you up when you need it :-) I love the fact that it comes in different flavours that tastes great. Highly recommended.
Daily Ritual
Love this gum! It has long lasting taste & chew it on a daily. It's great for that just brushed freshness you need after lunch or anytime during the day...
Airwaves gum
I love the fresh taste the gum leaves in the mouth. It does not make teeth feel sticky and fluffy...
I have been using this product for years, love it. keeps your mouth fresh and good. I will recommend this product to all as it is very nice. I will not stop purchasing this product
Airwaves definately give me confidence. The taste and smell don't go out quickly.
keeping my mouth fresh
this product I like as it keeps my mouth fresh and helps me focus as I do my work. I only eat half of the capsule at a time and the menthol flavor last long. gives the confidents
Long lasting taste
I love to have airwaves after meals. I love the lingerie flavour and fresh taste. I chew long.
I’ve been using this gum for years. You’ll always find a tub in my car. It’s refreshing, opens up one's nasal passages. Gives one a lovely fresh breath.
Thumbs up
This gum is so refreshing and opens up a blocked nose with its minty goodness. It freshens breath and is long lasting. Definitely great when heading into a meeting.
I have been using this product for year and I love it, keeps my mouth fresh for hours. You definitely need to try it. Amazing amazing. The gum is just no longer fun to chew, sweets maybe will do.
Airwaves opens your airways!
I fell in love with Airwaves since it came out first ... refreshing on your breath, relieves a blocked/stuffy nose and literally opens up you airways ... just a pity they don't make the Airwaves mints anymore ... would have loved if they were still available to buy

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