4,7 5 0 19 19 The strong stretchable self-fusing multi-purpose solution. Leaves no sticky residue. Seals airtight and watertight and it also stretches up to 3x its own length.
Alcolin Silicone Tape Stretch wrap and seal
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Well worth the money. I hugely recommend this fir household use.
Best tape ever made
It's so convenient and it lasts, Extremely versatile - suitable for sealing, clamping, repairing, wrapping, insulating. Health and Safety.
works wonders for my home i use for almost everything
Silicon Tape
Im always fixing things and this is a must in my toolkit. Works well and recommend it to anyone
Alcolin Silicone tape
Great product to have in your cupboard for those unforseen emergencies. Seals well and because it stretches, you get more for your money too.
i'm a Handyman & often use self-amalgamating tape for electrical insulation, waterproofing etc. This is the most common commercially available product in this category & it performs quite well. I recommend storing your roll in a zip-seal packet though because when it becomes dirty or dusty it has to be cleaned (with water) before use to ensure a good, reliable result.
my partner thinks this is the best product "since pa fell off the horse", now he is never without it
I bought one of this silicone tape for my home is absolutely a winner. Send me some samples to share with friends
I bought one of this silicone tape for my husband and he absolutely loves it!!!!
This tape is amazing. I once had to stop at a fuel station because one of my car's rubber radiator pipes was worn and was leaking. I used this to wrap around the pipe and it kept everything in order till I could get to my dad's house and he could replace the pipe for me. Heat resistant as well.
this is definitely a product every home should have, we were on a flight to holiday in the ever so beautiful Cape Town, whist unpacking our laggage we noticed my daughters vanity kit gave way, luckily my husband always carries the necessary in his DIY travel kit. all we needed was a little Sillicon tape to the rescue and the box was back in working order... definitely a product to have at home and for travelling :)
based on the reviews read i would really like to try it
This tape does what it is supposed to do and so much more, uses for it is legio and it keeps on working !
I always see this tape in my husbands garage, seems like he is a firm believer in it. Could i get some to give to him please?
this silicone tape is really handy for any diy in the house and I keep one in my bag just in case

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