4,7 5 0 19 19 The strong stretchable self-fusing multi-purpose solution. Leaves no sticky residue. Seals airtight and watertight and it also stretches up to 3x its own length.
Alcolin Silicone Tape Stretch wrap and seal
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It's the first time I see it, I think it will help me from ants which have invaded my home. I'll have to try it
Based on the reviews....I will definatekt give this product a try
would love to try this, never tried this one before
WOW what a great idea! This would be perfect for almost anything. I would love to try it. It would be great to keep in your bag as I am a woman alone and I travel long distances to work and back.
Interesting. Something to keep in mind for future use.
Would love to try this product. Always in need of good tape when doing crafts or DIY projects around the home. This sounds perfect.
Looks like this would be sop much better than the liquid silicone. Would love to try it
wow this sounds like a fantastic product, I would definitely like to test it!
i have tried it once but couldnt find this product again it is worth the money spent sadly cant fine more
we can all do with silicone for emergency repairs have not seen this but would love to try
wow, i love the fact that this is not as messy as other silicones#Team_DIY
If this can make a normal person into a DIY handymand, I am game! Have been using those black insulation tape rolls for years, but they tend to have a shelf life!
I love quick and easy and will definitely be looking out for this! I would love some samples:)
would love to try a sample being an all rounder in and around the house I believe that this will make my life a whole lot easier
would love to try this being an all rounder in around the house this will definitely make my life a whole lot easier

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