0 5 0 17 1 All Gold Fresh Cut tomatoes with chilli are made from hand selected, premium, vine ripened tomatoes.
All Gold Fresh Cut Tomatoes and Chilli
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Have tries this productmy 19 year old like thiseasy to use and prepare quick meals.
The original "Fresh Cut" was something I had to have in the house : but this new Chilli option is just brilliant. Easy way to spice up any old recipe
I have always kept a can or two of tomatoes in the house. They come in very handy for soup, stews, lasagne and pasta. this one has a nice kick light!
This is a wonderful addition to spaghetti bolognaise, pizza, lasagne or winter soup, its so convenient to cut out the chop chop of tomatoes and chilli.
Love the one with origanum, best for lasagna. Always have a can or 2 in my cupboard
This looks good, love spicy food so i will have to add this to my shopping list to try.
I would not buy this one with the Chilli as it is too spicy for us.
I love these as I can use it with almost any dish and it save me having to worry about rotten tomatoes or chopping them
Love this for pastas and I make a lot of pasta!!! All Gold is always full of flavour!!!
Handy when making a quick pasta dish or on top of pizza bases.
Good product overall, however chilli is not on my to buy list ever.
Not a chilli fan so will stick with the originals.
I like the ones with herbs, i am not a fan of chilli so this one isn`t a favorite.
I loved this. I little too spicy for the kiddies though dispute the fact that they do like spicy foods. Proceed with caution...
use this in my chilli concarne...love the bite!

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