4,4 5 0 100 100 Soft drink in orange flavour.
Angry Birds Orange Flavour Carbonated Soft Drink
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Angry birds
Loved drinking this angry birds cold drink. My kids loved the pictures on the cans haha
Angry Birds
My kids absolutely loved these. Great price as well compared to other canned cold drinks.
Angry Birds
My Kids loved this. Not sure what they liked more the great flavors or the cans afterwards
My boys love this. Added bonus is the collectible can.
Not too gassy a soft drink - love it! Awesome character collectable cans :)
angry birds soda was an absolute favorite at my cousins birthday party. kids loved it
The grandkids love it. I also tried it and taste great. Love all the flavours.
Melony CT, My granddaughter absolutely loves these and the fact that there are angry birds on the tin got her even more excited about it. I also tried it. It taste really great. If you have some samples you would like me to share , please send.
My son loves this!! He nana's me when we walk past the shelf at checkers.
where in cape town do they sell this!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids will go crazy for this!!! Please let me know
We bought Angry Birds Orange Flavour Carbonated Soft Drink yesterday and we all loved it. Will go back to buy more
Angry birds are taking over....real fun packaging and the kids love it.
The kids love it and it comes in beautiful colours. Great Product!!!
My little one is angry birds crazy at the moment.Every thing with the angry birds she wants.She just love the orange flavoured one.Must buy every week for her and also only at spar where she get the angry bird cards.
It has a a great refreshing taste. You can feel the bubbles on your tongue. Price is also market related.

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