5 5 0 433 433 New 350ml and 1.25ml plastic bottles offering improved convenience and value. Appletiser, Peartiser and Grapetiser are all available in the new serving packaging.
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I love it. Actually tastes like Pear,natural tasting flavour.
I absolutely love this drink . I usually buy the cans but to my disappointment I recently found out that this product will not be available in cans any more . I do not know if it is a
Ek is mal oor die drankie! Maar wie is nie! LOL
The 1.25l appletizer is really worth to buy,i always try and have at least one on hand very refreshing anytime of the day.
Love the plastic bottle. Very convenient for travelling !
i dont know when last i had appletiser my goodness didnt even know they still around. also in new packaging,i hope they still have that nice soft refreshing taste that they always had before, because a plastic bottle does give a different taste to the glass bottle.
I absolutely love this product. The bottle is child friendly. My kids love it as well, they think they having champagne because of the bubbles...LOL!!! Totally love it.
It is cheaper than the glass bottles and is great to have for takinb to work without worrying about the glass breaking.
Appletiser is `n moet in ons yskas!! Word glad nie uitgedeel nie!
Grapetiser is my favourite. Very refreshing on hot days.
The new packaging offers lots of benefits, like larger bottle aswell as lighter. Unfortunately I feel that the drink is less sweet in the plastic bottle. The glass bottle also creates a more sophisticated feel to the product
Love Appletiser. But do not like to plastic bottle, prefer glass
I received my sample from Danielle Witaszek. I found it refreshing and tasty. Enjoyed the Appletiser. WS Johnson
I`m a huge fan of Appletiser. Love the taste. The 350ml was a great idea.
I love appetizers and are so greatfull for the plastic bottles my mom has problems with her hands and the plastic is much easier to handle and won`t break if she drops it and she love it aswell thanks for the change

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