4,4 5 0 436 436 New 350ml and 1.25ml plastic bottles offering improved convenience and value. Appletiser, Peartiser and Grapetiser are all available in the new serving packaging.
Appletiser Value Pack
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I love Appletiser. It is my favourite drink. It taste great and i will not share it with anyone.
Received this to test and although I am familiar with the product I must say the plastic bottle is beter than the glass - Still the same refreshing taste
The plastic bottles are wonderful,great idea!Still a great product.
Very expensive but good to have a bigger size of this wonderful drink.
Absolutely great. Always test good,and the plastic is better than the bottled stuff.i love it.
Cant get better than this. I enjoy this everytime we have it at home
I received the handy 350ml Appletiser from my Sister in law, love the fact that i can pack it in for lunch for my 9yr old daughter. I don`t have to worry about a glass bottle that can break!
Love the feel of the new plastic bottles. Still the same crisp taste. Will definitely recommend this.
Received a free sample. Nice and refreshing. Like the new plastic bottle.
The Appletiser was refreshing like always. I like the new plastic bottle, much saver and lighter than the glass bottle.
Appletiser and whisky is my ultimate drink. I just love it
I received the Appletiser pack and Vaseline cream. My friends and I loved the Appletiser but agree that the glass bottle is better. The Vaseline 24hour control is lovely and nourishing, esp for this time of year!
I am soo sorry but I dont like this! Apple and pear tiser is something a bit more exclusive than coke or fanta or what ever.... it belongs in a glass bottle. I feel the plastic bottle does not do the product justice. I also think this hase more bubbles that the original and I dont like that. I hate feeling bloated after drinking something. I love the original!!! Please dont change this!!
Hi I received a bottle of appletiser from Aneeqah today! It was a pleasant surprize and I enjoyed it very much. Would be nice in 1 and 2 litre bottles also.
im a bit dissapointed in the new plastic bottle appeltizer. although i love love love appelizer and its my favourite drink- the taste in the plastic bottle is definately different, i try and avoid the plastic bottles. peartizer flavour is amazing though, love it

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