aQuellé Viv Pineberry Flavoured Sports Drink Bottle 600ml

4,8 5 0 25 25 This high-vitamin beverage rapidly refreshes and revitalises your body with added electrolytes and B vitamins. The bottle is meant to fit snugly in your hand, preventing it from slipping out while you are out and about.
aQuellé Viv Pineberry Flavoured Sports Drink Bottle 600ml


Sports drink
Tought this would be more like a power aid or flavoured water but is very intentense sweet drink
Loved the taste and its portable to carry on the go, I m am definately going to continue having it in my fridge for my everyday use, I find it also safe on my son who is a teen
Absolutely the best
Absolutely the best brand ever!! I highly recommend. And trust me you’ll never look back once you try this brand l.
aQuelle VIV
I like this product, great taste, awesome bottle design. Only thing is a find it a bit to sweet when one is very thirsty. Otherwise i buy it often when traveling.
aQuellè ViV
This is a really tasty sports drink and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. My boys love these and is impressed with they grip/shape of the bottle. Makes holding it so much easier. Would definitely recommend!
Very tasteful, have tried all the flavors
Amazing and unique
Love the hand-grip design, perfect for holding while exercising. Great taste that is unique compared to other products of the same type.
Aquellè power
This is a delicious drink. It's fruity and gives you so much energy. Mixed pineapple and berry. I recommend everyone to try it out its great. And the size is perfect for me to just put in my bag
More for less
What a striking design! Easy to open, non slip design, striking colours... whats not to love! Unlike other sports drinks this drink is 600ml and yet the price is the same as other 500 ml drinks... a definite yes from me. Packed with vit B for energy, electrolytes for replenishment and natural caffeine for that boost we all need. Defn out performs the rest!
Aquelle Viv Pineberry
Not sure if I like the taste. Bit of a strange combination for my tastebuds
Great taste and comfortable grip
This sports drink has a lovely taste with no strange aftertaste like some others have. It has a comfortable grip bottle for walks or runs or even cycling. I love the convenience in packaging.
Sporty drink
It very unique and different compare to others also very appealing
It leaves you Energized
These drinks are delicious and so hydrating - after a long run or during and/or after a bike ride one of these drinks is perfect. They're way better than hydrating power etc. I will definitely buy more
AQuellé Viv Sports Drink
Cool & refreshing drink with a delicious flavour I personally recommend that you try this product I normally do my morning runs and this freshes me n keeps me up and going.
Wow!! Im amassed this viv waters are so refreshing and packed with electrolytes And jet still tastes amazing with a variety of flavor

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