4,8 5 0 69 69 Great stain fighting power in 1 wash. Can be used for both automatic machines or hand-wash.
Ariel Laundry Auto Liquid Baby
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You can see the difference !
Since using this product for a few years, I noticed the the whites really come clean. It’s gentle on the skin and smells wonderful
Works for machine wash
Smells lovely and works well. I have been using it for a while now. My baby never got any irritation from it. It could be made to use for handwash as well. I would recommend it
Great for my daughters clothes
I have a 1 year old daughter and I cant use alot of detergents on her clothes. The baby arielle is amazing, great smell.
I love Ariel for my washing and I've been using the Ariel Baby Washing Liquid and loving it for my babies clothes. It's dermatologically accredited in the UK and part of the Skin Health Alliance. I've trusted it on my newborn clothes and blankets (she will be 6 months soon) . It's delicate on skin yet tough on stains. I normally rub some pure Ariel liquid on those stubborn stains and it works like a bomb.
I have used since first came to our market and still using it, very good product
Love it
I really love all Ariel liquid wash. I specifically get the baby scent for my son's clothes. Its gentle and the smell is not over powering. Its affordable and washed the clothes clean, as my son goes to creche and his clothes always get dirty. But I'm not afraid because I have Ariel.
Best spot cleaner
I didn't have stress with my kids stains on their clothes,coz I was using this product,it takes the stains away permanently.Im very with the results
Loves it!
My best friend introduced me to Ariel after it was introduced to our store shelves and I have not looked back since then. I was only using the powder but also tried the liquid soap and the results are the same. I swear by Ariel and because I only buy my detergents when on sale, I struggle when Ariel is not on sale cos I have to wait for the sale:-)...
Ariel is amazing
I love Ariel products as they never seem to disappoint. I have tried a few and this specific one I decided on as my son suffers with eczema and the littlest things agrivate his skin. This product was gladly pleasing.
Ariel Liquid Soap
This is an awesome and easy to use product. It is gentle on clothes and smells great. It is not harsh on clothing and. I don't see much difference between the 1.1 litres vs the 1.5 litres. A 2 litre bottle would be ideal.
Works wonderfully
My baby has a very sensitive skin so I was looking for a laundry detergent that didn't cause any rashes or reaction. This worked wonderfully. Not only did do his clothes smell clean and fresh, the detergent didn't cause any skin irritation! :)
Ariel baby
Totally love Ariel. I used to use a different brand of laundry liquid but these days I totally enjoy using Ariel. Its a different smell altogether.
Smell is amazing
Leaves my babies clothes soooooo clean. Thankfully! With no scrubbing needed and you know when they crawl outside, Getting the clothes clean is always tough but not with this product.
Works well
Cleans well, smells good. Easy to use. You won't regret using this on your laundry
Love the smell
Ariel baby smell absolutely amazing. And the smell lasts.

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