4,6 5 0 97 97 Dissolves limescale, calcium and rust deposits without the need for scrubbing.
Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover Cool Eucalyptus
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Great product, have especially gone to Spar to purchase this as the product works. With busy lives, we all need all the help we can get when it comes to home cleaning, this product does the work for me. I spray, leave on a bit while I get onto other things, then just rinse and all done.
Adventure mom
I was doing my regular shopping and came across the Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover Cool Eucalyptus Amazing product, i bought it and tried it wow i have never looked back the bathroom shower looks new no soap scums easy to use and the taps shiny and even the toilet and sink i love trying out new products in the market and this one was a great discovery and have converted my friends to using it only issues its available at Spar havent seen t in the other shops.
Bright and Shine
Amazing product, you can see your own reflection in the taps after cleaning
Finally found a product that works on lime scale and smells great. Truly something to use without energy and timing consuming😉
Just moved into my new flat and my mom brought one of these around....AMAZING! Absolutely love it and will be purchasing this in future.
Works Great,smells clean and it is Perfectly priced. I will use this product more often and the Packaging is very classy.
Tried this product such wonderful results very happy with this product
Economical in use. Working fast. My bathroom accessories are clean and shiny.
I have used this product and it is easy to use and leaves surface clean and spotless
Found Astonish products in Spar and was a bit reluctant to try.. but I am so glad I did! works very well and they are very well priced too. I have tried two within the range
Wow it works wonders, my house is spotless and smell so nice
My wife found the Astonish product in Spar. Perfect priced, and goes a long way. Has moved away from the regular known products now.
tried this product after moving into my new house. its the best on the market the quality of this product is really ASTONISHING!!
Well known product in the UK, used previously in the UK and have only recently seen it on our shelves, and have bought this as well as other Astonish products. They work.
I have used this whilst living in the U.K. for many years. Well respected product brand. I currently buy this product from Pick & Pay. Reasonably priced. Well worth a try. Works for me.

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