Axe Dark Temptation Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry

4,7 5 0 66 66 You need an antiperspirant that’s going to keep you smelling 100% ready. With 48-hour anti-sweat protection, AXE Dark Temptation Antiperspirant Dry Spray guarantees dryness no matter what comes your way.
Axe Dark Temptation Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry


I love how ace has a more variety of smell available with this product because it smells amazing to plus it lives no stains
Fresh Scent
Fresh Scent I've been using it for a while now, it's truly a classic scent; it has this flavourful and spicy yet subtle scent- it's so enticing; it's long lasting for the price range; it keeps you smelling great for hours without staining your garments. I normally use it for strenuous activities to keep me confidently dry on my underarms and chest. I’ll be ordering this full time from now onwards.
Cool and smelling good
Smells amazing, really helps when you are either a heavy sweater or a very active person. I gym a lot and this really helped. I have sensitive skin as well and I had no irritation.
Axe Love it.
I am used to buying these one , it has never disappointed. I love using it and enjoy it's fragrance.
Dark Temptation
Axe has really researched this product well. I never would have thought that chocolate would mask a mans hard day at work, but my husband certainly still smells scrumptious!
I buy these products for my son he loves the scents, it last longer cause even on his dirty clothes you can smell the perfect scents on them he enjoy it so much
Axe Dark Temptation Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry
My teenager has sensitive skin. Axe did not burn his skin. The fragrance was amazing.
Husband loved it
My man has been wanting to try new products so that he can select the product to stick with. And it was a turn for AXE. And he love it, it is now added for his faves.
A handyman's saviour
My husband is a handyman and tradesman, so I appreciate anything that keeps him smelling good still by the time he gets home. Not only does axe do this, but it wings as a beautiful scent on date night too. So now with the economy, when it's hard to always afford a cologne, he really doesn't even need one. Spicy, yet sweet aroma that lingers even on the hardest working man I know. And... It doesn't irritate his sinuses so no sneezes either🤸🏼‍♀️❤️👌🏼
Axe Dark Temptation Anti-perspirant
I normally purchase the body spray for my husband but there was a special so I took the Anti-Perspirant, not a big fan it made white marks on his clothes, smells great but will rather stick to the body spray
Great smell
It doesnt take long to dry when applied.smells great as well
The body spray smells really good, and what i like about it is tht it lasts in your body the whole day.
Super dry
My husband works a 12 HR shift and still comes home fresh and dry. It really sticks to skin and honestly the best type of anti perspirant deodorant. Love it
Against all odds
This product has made my boyfriend's life easier a contractor. Absorbs on the skin and it leaves him smelling fresher all day long. While doing the hard work he can't be worrying about any body odours. What else can ever beat this
I bought this dark temptation for my son. Oh.. My... Gosh, he smelled like a cake factory. Heavenly. Unfortunately for him the bees loved it too and he had to keep dodging bees.

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