Axe Dark Temptation Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry

4,8 5 0 87 87 You need an antiperspirant that’s going to keep you smelling 100% ready. With 48-hour anti-sweat protection, AXE Dark Temptation Antiperspirant Dry Spray guarantees dryness no matter what comes your way.
Axe Dark Temptation Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry


Strong smell good for all day especially with working outside for most of the day
Good smell feels good
It smells good and lasts longer. My son likes dark temptation.
My son loves the smell of this, he buys it for himself every month, the smell lasts all day long.
My son lo e the smell of axe
He buy it every mth for himself and it smell so divine
Sensual smell
My favourite smell in deodorant which I buy for my male family members. Keeps them dry and smelling good.
best anti-persperent
best products that's last longer on the body
Excellent product for all Men
I've tried it and even if you was and go sleep a person would still get the lovely fragrance, off the product that's why I recommend a lot off friends if they ask me what I'm using
Axe dark temptation antiperspirant spray
I love the smell each time my hubby sprayed it
My Boyza perfume
I always buy these spray perfume for my 2 boys that are in high school. Love the smell and da cool
Baby daddy loves it
My baby daddy loves it and i also love the smell
Boss life
I just love this always been a favorite of mine makes you feel like a boss cause you smell like a boss.
My hubby’s Must have
He loves it and I love how he smells whenever he sprays. The good thing is the freshness lasts for 24 hours.
A favorite!
I use the deodorant a lot - been a favorite since the first day I discovered it. Never realised that there was an anti-perspirant to go with it. Would be great if they could develop a twofer that combines the Deodorant with the AP.
Good smell
It smells divine,it was my boyfriend's spray but we ended up sharing it , couldn't resist the good smell
Love it
My boyfriend works as a brickyard so after a day of long work he uses this product and he loves it after a long day at the sun he doesn't have a foul smell thanks to this product

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