Axe Gold Anti Marks Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry

4,7 5 0 84 84 AXE Antiperspirant Anti-Marks Protection Sweat protection that lasts for 48 hours.
Axe Gold Anti Marks Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry


Great product!
Used it myself and found it has a very good smell and lasts a long time before needing a top-up!
Axe gold anti marks
I bought this for my son's they love it and it last longer in your body. It is amazing as they do sport and they sweat slot
Axe Gold Anti Marks Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry Best
I buy this for my son and brother. My son is doing sport and he loves it.
The only spray that i can smell on my hubby for hours. Keeps the sweat smell away and smells so fresh.
Axe Anti-perspirant
Really good product and does what it says. The fragrance is appealing too!
Very good product
My fiance love this product keeps them nice and fresh and does not make stains on his black shirt I really love this product and will recommend it to all my friends and family
Excellent results keeps u fresh AL day
Keep you fresh all day. My hubby likes this. The smell is absolutely amazing
Good not great
the smell is incredible but I would not say it is the best antiperspirants on the market. Definitely not sufficient for hubby
I bought it for my husband and its a great prodyct and it smels awsome
Axe gold
I love the fresh smell after using it... It's perfect
My go to anti-pespirant
I love how I feel refreshed all day with AXE gold Anti marks, my husband and I use it every-day.
Are gold
Are gold deodorant smells really nice and is long-lasting aswell I love it
Mark free
My husband is smelling good and with wearing alot of black shirts this product is a muat have in our home. His shirts is marks free and it makes my laundry days so much easier. It also do what it's supposed to do and keeps him dry. Thanks Axe
Great lasting smell
My hubby uses it all the time and really it keeps him fresh the whole day👌. Appealing bottle aswell.
Really love this smell
I personally love the smell. My hubby uses it all the time. He says it lasts for hours and I know when he gets home from work he smells great so yeah . great product guys try it

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