Axe Ice Chill Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry

4,9 5 0 69 69 Keeps you Confidently fresh and dry for 48 hours. Axe Ice Chill is a fresh invigorating fragrance to refresh and awaken your senses.
Axe Ice Chill Anti-Perspirant 48h Dry


Great value
Both my sonand husband have been using this for a few months now and they seem to love it especially more so because it's not wet. So no more roll on residue on there tshirts
Axe Ice Chill Antiperspirant
Bought it for my brother has a nice fresh smell
Love the smell
My sons love the fresh smell. A must on our grocery list
Smells good
Bought this for my teenagers and they love it and smells really nice
Best on the market. Always on my grocery list.
Excellent for underarm usage
With 48-hour Anti Sweat Protection, AXE Ice Chill Antiperspirant Stick for Men guarantees dryness no matter what comes your way. So up your fragrance game with the refreshing, zesty scent of Frozen Lemon & Eucalyptus.
Axe ice chilli 48hr dry
One of my hubby's favorite..I love the freshness and nice smell after he sprayed it
smells fresh
my husband uses this and it has a lovely fresh scent and stays on him all day long. I would recommend this for a long lasting fresh scent
Love that it's 48 hour protection, the cooling effect after its applied is so refreshing after a shower on a hot day. Wish there was a window on this to see how much is leftover.
Sexy spray
My hubby insist I buy this every month for him. He loves this so much.It smells sexy and it keeps his armpits dry.
This Deodorant last long and smells nice my son and I never regret using it especially we are active it last the whole day
Im a woman who loves man products and i must say, thi smell so good, Axe is the best for me, i must say.
Does what it says
It smells good, and keeps you dry, just like it says on the can
Smells amazing on my husband!
This is my absolute favourite scent used by my husband! It lasts so so long and you can smell him from a mile away.
Best results
I bought this for myself and my son decided to try it and now we both using it. Lasts longer on the clothes

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