4,8 5 0 5229 5229 <p>Baby skin is different to adult skin. New Baby Dove’s caring baby products go beyond mildness to help replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby skin, helping to keep it moisturised.</p> <p>Both the Rich Moisture and Sensitive ranges are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrically approved. Baby Dove products are formulated with tear-free cleansers, moisturisers that uniquely replenish essential nutrients and they are also pH-neutral for all babies’ skin types.</p>
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gentle and soft
even though this is for babies - its is extremely luxurious
One of the best
Used this on my daughter because she has sensitive skin.I was happy with results and would definitely recommend it
Perfect Gift
Bought dove product for my Nieces baby shower together with other goodies. Dove just stood out. Very moisturizing also has an amazing smell.
Baby Dove
I love using this on my little 3 month old girl - we use it in the shower when she showers with us, as it is an easy all round wash. However, also when she baths. Love it.
Very gentle on skin
My daughter suffers from eczema and this is on of the few products that her skin can tolerate. It is very gentle for sensitive skin yet smells nice too. It is definitely something I would recommend.
Baby dove
Treats my baby so well. Makes the skin so soft and delicate. Very affordable and easy to use. No improvements to be made. Would definitely recommend this to every mother
Baby Dove Shampoo
I use it to clean my artificial lashes because it is gentle and soap free. My artificial lashes did not fall off.
Not to bad
It is a very nice product to use. Loren does not perform when I wash her hair.
Simply luv it
I know this is for babies but I have since purchased the lotion for myself it makes my skin feel soft ..perfect for sensitive skin
Great for Eczema
My child suffers from Eczema and i battled to find anything affordable to use that wouldn't make his skin flare up. Pump bottle could be more mom friendly when using one hand
Awesome Range
What an awesome range! Love all the dove products for my little boy 👦😊 it's so smooth and soft. Works very well with sensitive skin. I love using my dove products
Beautiful Skin
Very moisturising also has an amazing smell but what i love about it most is that its travel friendly .
The best baby bath products used it from birth my baby is now 7months he has beautiful skin
Beautiful Range
An amazing range! I use it on my daughter and it keeps her skin nourished and subtle. The size of the bottles are also great for traveling.
Soft skin for baby
I love it. My babies skin is so soft and it smells so nice. When bathing my baby the soap doesn't make white scuff. Smell a little bit more like a baby prosuct. I would most definately recommend it to my friends

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