4,8 5 0 271 271 A baby’s skin is 30% thinner than ours, so it’s no surprise that it’s more vulnerable to damage. Their skin barrier is weaker too, which means their skin loses moisture up to five times faster than ours. That’s where Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar can help. More nourishing than any other baby soap bar*, it gives your little one’s skin the gentle care it needs.</p> *Ordinary soap-based bars without skin-essential nutrients
Baby Dove Bar Rich Moisture
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Dove baby
Smells good on my baby skin and my little one's skin feels smooth
Awesome moisturizing bar, it does not dry out my babies skin, leaves it soft and smooth. It is very gentle on sensitive babies and skin.
Best baby product
I received this bar of soap from our drs office and I was so excited to try it out. It leaves my kids skin feeling and smelling so good and soft. We love this brand. I would definitely recommend this product.
Very mild on baby's skin
My baby has mild eczema. This soap works really well on her and it doesn't smell too strong.
Great moisturizing bar, does not dry out babies skin, leaves it soft and smooth. Larthers thick, i use it for my face sometimes. Very gentle on sensitive babies and skin. Does get finished faster thdn the ordinary baby soaps tho.
I was using harsh soaps on my son with out realizing it. I switched from a regular brand to this baby soap and I found it didnt leave hos skin dry and feeling rough. I would recommend this soap
Royco Dry Cook in Sauces
Great for the delicate sensitive skin. The smell is a little bit strong for newborns.
O so gentle
Tried this product on my godson. What a great soap to use.makes him fresh and clean while it is so gentle on his skin
Best for Baby's skin
I used it for the my son's dry and rash on the skin and within some few weeks his skin was hydrated smooth and back to a babies skin. It delicate on the sensitive skin and I am using it for all his bath times since February 2019
Dove skin care is rich in moisture and so good for my lil one would recommend it to any mum
Dove soap is the best!
Every new mom worries about a lot of things including the best soap for her newborn baby. I use dove soap for my face sometimes, so I tried it on my baby and his skin was so smooth. Next day I bought the dove baby soap and oh my I’ve never felt such smooth and baby soft skin! He’s turning 3 years in December and we’re still happy with the soap. Thank you dove!
Gentle yet effective on baby's skin. Leaves skin nourished and healthy.
My daughter uses this soap every night when she takes her bath. It makes her skin feel and look great. I would tell all parents to give the bar soap a try.
Best soap
This is my only Choice for kids it leaves their skin soft and they love the smell
So gentle
My son had such a gentle skin and was only able to use aquas cream to bathe him otherwise he got a bad rash until I discovered dove havent changed since

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