4,6 5 0 299 299 <p>With more than 160 years of baking experience, the Bakersman has created a breakfast biscuit.</P> <P>BAKERS® Good Morning biscuits, a delicious on-the-go solution to fuel your morning.</p> <p>Start your day well and enjoy with a breakfast that could include : A portion of cereals, a low fat yoghurt or a glass of milk, a portion of fruit or a cup of tea,/p>
Bakers Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits
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Perfect breakfast on the go
So easy and yummy , really filling especially of you dont have time for breakfast
My kids favorite
This makes it easy for me because I don't habe to think about snack time or what my children will take to school. It convenient and tasty.
So yummy
I love these. They taste great and make a perfect on the go breakfast.
Healthy yummy quick snack
Yummy quick snack. Easy to carry with you anywhere. Tried it and loved it. Guilt free anywhere yummy snack. There's nothing I would change.
Perfect for lunch boxes
Great for fussy school kids or busy parents. They fit nicely into most lunch boxes. Great taste too.
Best snack
Love the individual packages you get them in. 4 bikkies are just enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Easy to pack for lunches or snacks
Freshness at its best
The kind of energy that these biscuits bring is the type that one needs everyday. Always fresh and best snack to give to the lil ones
anytime meal or snack
these biscuits are amazing. they are filling, they are delicious, they are beyond great
My son's favourite
My son loves them so much that he eats them all day, I need to hide them whenever I bought the box because he finishes them, they are not took sweet and they last long in the stomach.
perfect snack
i absolutely love these every morning and during the day. kids love it to school and myself and hubby loves it to work....perfect on the go snack even in traffic
Healthy and so soft and fresh. It's a great snack... as a cookie but it is filling and great in taste.
Healthy snack
Love that they are easy on the go breakfast snack that is tasty and filling too!
Good morning
The good morning biscuit is a great grab and go breakfast on the move, its also nice to use as a base for desserts.
So convenient
These breakfast cookies are so convenient, I always keep them in my office for those times I need a good snack. This particular flavour is lovely and they are very filling. Perhaps the only thing that could be improved upon is the sugar content, but as breakfast cereals go this is not too bad in that regard.
Best Snack
This is the best in between snack I also love the taste

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