4,6 5 0 244 244 Bakers Muesli Rusks are the perfect combination of Oats, Pumpkin seeds, Mixed Berries and a touch of Bakers magic. You can now enjoy your new favourite rusks with your favourite hot drink or even on its own, anytime!
Bakers Good Morning Muesli Rusks
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A bit too sweet
I am not a personal fan or rusks but I will habe now and then. My children on the other hand love then and they can't get enough. I do find then a little too sweet than the other famous brand but they are a good buy for the children as a snack with tea.
Not Ouma Rusks
These rusks werer good but I wouldnt say that they are as good as oua rusks because those are my favourite. They have a mild flavour which is nice to enjoy with your coffee.
Anytime rusks
Coffee date? Or just some me time? Anytime rusks. Taste good. Value for money. Hey! Who took the last one ;)
Its a regular product in our home. My kids and I love it it. That's each to there own flavors.
Not as hard as the normal rusks. The choc chip is not as delicious as the Muesli, this is definitely a good product
Very delicious
Very delicious, the whole family loves it with a cup of tea or coffee in morning Great way to start of your day
Ensure for a really "good morning"
I love these, the size, the taste, the texture....they just tick all the boxes. Especially the muesli one....absolutely devine.
Very delicious rusk, I have in the mornings with my coffee.
These are so yum, love love them. Kids love them and they are great to have in the winter months.
Just perfect
This is one of the best rusk i have had. I'm always looking for the next best thing and this is definitely it. You can have it any time of the day and it goes with just about anything.
Best breakfast snack
I was once a promoter for these rusks. We were given some to try at home before promoting them and I must say they are really nice, I still buy them even till this day
Good morning Muesli Rusk
OMG i love them so much, i look forward to go to work everyday because the first thing i do is to make coffee and take my Good morning muesli rusk with it, every time i eat them it feels like its the first me,they are not messy and they are enjoyable.
This has been a cold winter. But my my this is so nice with a cup of hot tea, coffee, even hot chocolate. Love it
Good morning Rusks
I love it with my tea and can have it anytime of the day, not just mornings.
Too sweet
Tasty but very rich and a little too sweet for me.

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