4,6 5 0 412 412 Bakers Muesli Rusks are the perfect combination of Oats, Pumpkin seeds, Mixed Berries and a touch of Bakers magic. You can now enjoy your new favourite rusks with your favourite hot drink or even on its own, anytime!
Bakers Good Morning Muesli Rusks
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Unfortunately it taste like industrial Made rusk and paper. They can be more tasty if you use real muesli
Very tasty & affordable, i love the taste & the blend of meusli, & the taste was excellent, i buy them from time to time
Weren't fresh.
When I bought these I was disappointed as they weren't fresh and crunchy and rather crumbly.
Too sweet
I normally enjoy muesli rusks due to the "health" aspect. Unfortunately Bakers Good Morning Muesli Rusks are sickly sweet. I did not enjoy them. However, if Bakers can cut down on the sweetness of this product, I would definitely try it again.
Bakers Good Morning Muesli Rusks
These rusks are delicious. The size is also just right. Amazing Rusks!
What could one ask for? It's a blend of 2 things breakfast lovers adore, muesli and rusks mixed into one if you are a coffee lover you'll honestly enjoy thses rusks I'd recommend this
Very tasty and enjoyable
These rusks are super tasty. Great for coffee lovers like me. Gets your tummy full pretty quick and they taste more like sweet cookies with balanced tastes. I highly recommend it because it is really enjoyable. Great way to start your day
Perfect shape
I think the good morning rusks are the perfect shape and size for dipping and enjoying anytime of the day
Too Perfect , Very Tasty
Everytime we do grocery i don't leave them out. i have even bought 5 boxes and wrapped them up and sent to My Mom, Mother inlaw, My manager and my friends Mom. The box is very colorful and nice. The Rusks are crunchy and smells very nice
Quick brekkie snack
Definitely a must have in my household. Early morning meetings, quick and filling snack and doesn’t go soggy quickly when ducked in coffee or tea 😬
For the people who hate eating so early
Best thing since i dont know when i u are like me and hate eating breakfast these are ideal with ur coffee in tbe morning,and there are many varieties
I actually liked them
These rusks are really good! They easily break and they’re actually not that hard and the dried fruits are very tasty
Tasty snack
Its a great treat at tea time or a morning cup of coffee partner. Simple, easy and delicious.
Good Morning Rusks
It was crunchie and I like that it comes in different flavours
Simply the best
Best rusks ever tasted. Not too hard not soft at all. My family loves these and prefer them over other brands.

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