4,6 5 0 147 147 Bakers Muesli Rusks are the perfect combination of Oats, Pumpkin seeds, Mixed Berries and a touch of Bakers magic. You can now enjoy your new favourite rusks with your favourite hot drink or even on its own, anytime!
Bakers Good Morning Muesli Rusks
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Every morning
I have one of these rusks everyday with my coffee in the morning it's very tasty
Love this product. I love the fact that it is not bulky and when dipped it doesn't crumble uncontrollably.
Good morning muesli
Ever since they were introduced i no longer buy any other brands i enjoy them with my cup of coffee.
Love these rusks
I enjoy these rusks, and at times we get promotional containers. I enjoy the taste of these and the smell is amazing.
Love the müsli We have it in the mornings and evenings for a breakfast or snack it makes your full very fast can’t eat more then 2
Good Morning Muesli Rusks
Best rusks ever. All the Good Morning Rusks are great and I've tried them all. Muesli rusks are full of flavour and makes you feel less guilty when eating an extra one for breakfast. i sometimes even have it as a snack at work.
Good morning
These are anytime of the day real treat. Healthy and delicious
Morning snacks
I tried these one morning with my coffee and I enjoyed them. No need to have more than 2/3 because they filling, they taste good and a simple snack
Absolute Favorite
These are my absolute favorite. I love the buttermilk ones most.
Delicious rusks
Value for money and very tasty. I love the packaging because there is less breakage. Rusks have a good crunch and great flavor. Bigger packing would be great as well. I definitely would recommend it
Good Morning rusks!!
Very nice! I love to have this for breakfast! My 5 year old also loves his morning "big biscuit breakfast". I would recommend it as a quick eat if you don't have time or if you have time to indulge.
I was so impressed with these rusks, I always buy the morning biscuits until I tried these ! All I can say is YUM. They have honestly got to be the best rusks I have tried love them
Muesli Rusks
We quite enjoy them, hubby purchased them one weekend when he went to the shop. We all had tea/coffee and rusks it was quite lovely.
Good morn in g muesli rusks
This is a complete breakfast meal on the go! simply love it... it's tasty and fills the gap
I grabbed these rusks as their breakfast biscuits are really great so i thought the rusks would also be. I must say i was not a fan of these, they have a very cardboard "long life" taste. I will stick the breakfast biscuits and buy my normal Oama rusks :)

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