4,6 5 0 169 169 Bakers Muesli Rusks are the perfect combination of Oats, Pumpkin seeds, Mixed Berries and a touch of Bakers magic. You can now enjoy your new favourite rusks with your favourite hot drink or even on its own, anytime!
Bakers Good Morning Muesli Rusks
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Good morning
These are anytime of the day real treat. Healthy and delicious
Morning snacks
I tried these one morning with my coffee and I enjoyed them. No need to have more than 2/3 because they filling, they taste good and a simple snack
Absolute Favorite
These are my absolute favorite. I love the buttermilk ones most.
Delicious rusks
Value for money and very tasty. I love the packaging because there is less breakage. Rusks have a good crunch and great flavor. Bigger packing would be great as well. I definitely would recommend it
Good Morning rusks!!
Very nice! I love to have this for breakfast! My 5 year old also loves his morning "big biscuit breakfast". I would recommend it as a quick eat if you don't have time or if you have time to indulge.
I was so impressed with these rusks, I always buy the morning biscuits until I tried these ! All I can say is YUM. They have honestly got to be the best rusks I have tried love them
Muesli Rusks
We quite enjoy them, hubby purchased them one weekend when he went to the shop. We all had tea/coffee and rusks it was quite lovely.
Good morn in g muesli rusks
This is a complete breakfast meal on the go! simply love it... it's tasty and fills the gap
I grabbed these rusks as their breakfast biscuits are really great so i thought the rusks would also be. I must say i was not a fan of these, they have a very cardboard "long life" taste. I will stick the breakfast biscuits and buy my normal Oama rusks :)
It is a very Delicious rusk and keep you full for a while.
The best rusk ever, If you in a hurry just grab a rusk.
My go -to breakfast for when I’m in a hurry!Tastes like homemade and quite filling.
Pleasantly surprised
These rusks surprised me. They taste good and reminds me of a home baked rusk. The product represents the quality of bakers brand. This is something that I buy on a regular basis. However I miss the nice container that was included when it first launched!
Tasty and Healthy
I love rusks in general, but this one is just really good. Received a sample at a promotional event, then purchased it again. Really nice and not overly sweet.
Very nice
It's very nice and taste fresher. Like the packaging as well.
Bakers rusk in a tub
great tasting rusks. does not taste bland like other brands. love the little tub some packages come in!!

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