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Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Pomegranate Flavour Malt Drink
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Best malt drink that is non alcoholic
It taste great enough sugar and it is refreshing. This is my new thing and the packaging is great you can open and close the lead like its sealed. I love it
Great drink
I always keep a few for those days when I’m feeling like alcohol free drink.Great taste I love it
When craving alcohol whist pregnant
Helped with alcohol cravings when i was pregnant. no strange flavours and tastes very much like the alcoholic version.
Perfect drink when cutting down on alcohol
This product is amazing when cutting down on alcohol yet still want a good beer taste. Most of my friends who are pregnant go for this and the taste is soo fruity
This was my go to drink when pregnant, but still buy it now as i loved the taste, great thirst quencher, strawberry flavour awesome as well
Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Pomegranate Flavour Malt Drink
Sweet and fruity, with a natural pomegranate flavour
My favourite non-alcoholic beer
This is one of my guilty pleasures. It tastes great, even though it is insanely sweet - yet it still has that great beer taste. Perfect for when you want just the taste of beer but need to be sober!
Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Pomegranate Flavour Malt Drink
This is my go-to drink every Friday because this is the only non-alcoholic option provided at my company's after work drinks. Pomegranate is not exactly my favourite fruit but added to Bavaria, its actually not bad. I like it but prefer Bavaria's apple and strawberry flavours more.
Bacaria Malt - non alcohol
Best drink if you looking for a drink that has a 50/50 beer and juice drink taste. The beer taste does not come as strong in comparison to other non-alcoholic drinks i have tasted. nonetherless, this was great for me as at least there will be no beer aftertaste when i drink this drink.
Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Pomegranate Flavour Malt Drink
Must say I was presently surprised with the flavor and enjoyed this that I bought more, good product to have around the braai and on a hot day.
good non alc drink
really enjoyed this while pregnant and breastfeeding wasnt the non-alc beer which i do not enjoy beer unless its a shandy but also wasn't too sweet as most the non-alc drink options are and nice that it comes in a bottle that at least you can have a few with everyone else at a braai or event
Bavaria flavour - pomergranate
taste really great with the promergrate - way better than the original
really nice love the flavor and its now to sweet !
this a great drink, tried it only couple of times and i love it
Delicious when chilled
It is best serve chilled, the flavour is amazing. Family and friends enjoy it

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