4,1 5 0 26 26 Wholegrain biscuits to give you energy in the morning.
Belvita Breakfast Bicsuits Honey & Nuts
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Best on the go
I love these on the go breakfast biscuits especially with my coffee in the mornings they are very tasty
They are nice and easy to store. A bit on the pricey side.
Belvita breakfast biscuits are great for breakfast. They are healthy, you don't have to feel guilty when eating them. They also taste good
Absolutely a breakfast on the go!! Full of flavours and worth the money you pay.! Will definitely always have these in my pantry.
I love this, I prefer this to porridge, quick,easy and tasty. Also love this month price.
These are delicious breakfast biscuits, great for if you are on the go.
this is a very nice snack my daughter not fond of breakfast biscuits this is the only one she eats, it tastes great and affordable
I keep a pack in my bag. Keeps me full and that way im not buying unhealthy snacks at the store.
This is such a yummy and healthy snack. The Honey & Nuts are for sure my favorite.
I've tried the honey and nut and whole grains flavours and they really didn't do it for me. The biscuits are very thin so they break easily and by the time we ended up at school and work with them all the biscuits were in little pieces. I also felt that they were a bit bland.
My teenage daughters love these so much. They love the taste and the fact that I can tuck them into their lunch boxes and they keep them going. So I tried one to see what all the excitement was about - THEY TASTE GREAT. no wonder they would rather munch this than sarmies
i love these! Great for a snack to keep in your bag. They taste good too. Great to grab when running out the door. And munching in traffic.
These are absolutely delicious! Lovely individual packs for easy and convenient school snacks.
Great to pack in for daily linch. Healthy and wonderful flavours
I Bought these because of the fact that they are wrapped in a pack of 4 cookies. Ideal for snack at work and lunchboxes.They taste really goood. But unfortunately they are very brittle. By the time they get to work they are in thousands of pieces. If they can make the cookies stronger it would be lovely.

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