4,6 5 0 162 162 Berocca® Performance is a combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium and zinc, which work to support your mental alertness and physical energy throughout the day. Available in Film Coated Tablet and Effervescent Tablet formats. Effervescent tablet is available in three flavours
Berocca® Performance
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i had purchased Berocca and only used it once, im not too sure that it made an impact but my father believes and trusts in this brand, i will give it another try and update the review with more accurate feedback
Berocca boost
i have tried it, it works as effective as possible...
Fast and Active
Great Product, Boost up your Energy and tastes really great.
I use this product regularly in my line of work, and it always helps us when we are feeling slug and slouchy. IT really gives you that extra boost of energy, and plain, old good feeling.
Great stuff
My husband is a professional gk so he uses this all thr time and it works doesn’t eva disappoint..
Excellent Energy Boost
I make sure to keep this in my home. Excellent energy booster.
Great energy booster but also good for your system. Good way to build immune system for those winter months
Berroca really do work. Definitely recommended in this stressful life style
Tons of energy
I am a huge fan of berocca but berocca Boost is the ultimate! I would hardly sleep due to studies and berocca boost would give me the right pick me up I'd need. I would have loads of energy and not feel tired at all.
Life saver
This my life saver always brings back my vibe after long day always make me manage
Extra Energy
As a teacher we always need that extra energy. This really helps me getting trough that long tough days.
for many many years it's always been my number one. during my matric days, tertiary years and still now in my work days it's still my number one for mental strength and for energy in general. It comes in very handy when i have to work on sites; I just pop one in the glass before leaving the office and i'll be all set to face the day. Power goes to Berrocca. It comes highly recommended
This product really works. I have used this and the boost and both really helps me when i need that extra little burst of energy :D
Got me through a busy time
Berocca daily got me trough a busy 2 weeks at work giving me the mental strength needed.
It's an excellent product. Doesn't make me feel caffeinated but keeps me going through the day and can definitely feel my energy levels are down when I don't take it.

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