4,3 5 0 315 315 Pleasantly fragranced Bio Crystal Dishwashing Liquid cuts through stubborn grease and grime, leaving dishes sparkling clean.
Bio Crystal 3 in 1
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really nice thick product. works well & does what it says it would do
aaah my fav dishwashing liquid - I only use this. The grapefruit variant is pretty good and they have a new one as well, cant remember the name now. I use less liquid and cleans great - and usually reasonably well priced.
Thick liquid, cheaper with great smell and cleans great!!!
I have not tried this 3 in 1 product, but others similar in the Bio Crystal range and is very impressed with it!! Look out for it.
Bio Crystal leaves your dishes sparkly clean. One wash is enough. Definitely the best dish washer!
I quite like the Bio Crystal ... When the Sunlight isn't marked down, I usually buy this brand and find it to be very effective .... Great fragrance and cleans dishes well ... Lasts just as long as other leading brands.
The fresh smell of lemon leaves, fresh smell on dishes and the bio crystal cleanses glasses to shine and has power to degrease the cooking pots dirt after cooking.
I have not yet try this product but can you please send me the sample so that i can be able to buy please
It is cheaper than Sunlight and I love the smell, in short I like the product and it goes a long way like all good products should.
Definitely a must have in the kitchen. Especially when the teenagers do dishes. No more need to rewash as they always clean.
I Love all bio ctrystal products. They smell nice, they work fantastic!!!! just love them.
I've tried Bio Crystal, and it is not to bad but is still prefer Sunlight.
I use only Bio Crystal 3 in 1 (red). All other dishwashing liquids irritate my skin. This product is one I would search everywhere for - no substitutes!
It works well and the dishes always seem to come out clean and not oily.
Love the smell, and works well, very happy with product

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