5 5 0 21 21 Vegetarian and vegan friendly, can be used with meat, poultry, seafood,vegetables and braai.
Black Dog Braai Spice & Rub
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This product has such a good aroma while braaing. I love it.
I have never heard of this spice before, I would like to try it as I use spices in all my dishes.
We braai about 5 days out of 7 days a week. Haven't seen this spice before, would like to try it out. Simoné
would live to try this spice as I am one who likes to use spices in every dich I make...spices are my world of aroma..
First time ever I saw this spice. Can I try it out On my braaivleis please
i would love to test this, i first thought this was for dog food until i read the reviews
this looks like it belongs to my spice collection rack i'd like to try it
I would really like to try this product. We love to braai and entertain people. My dad loves his spices.
I never heard about this brand before but it looks like a good product. Our family loves to braai. I will love to try this braai spice out. I looks like it can make any meat tastes delicious.
I have not tried it, I would like to try it, it looks so delicious
I love braaing and would like to trie out this one
I never heard of this one yet but looks interresting i love spices would love to put it to the test
In Summer we love to hang with our friends and braai - would love to try this product and share it with our friends.
Have not seen this in any supermarkets shelves. Would be great to send us testers, as a family that braais every weekend, this spice would be put to the test and see if its worth its spice
Heard from a colleague it's a good product. I would love to try it myself as I do braai a lot.

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