Boity by Impulse - Tribal Soul & Endless Summer & Rebel Queen & Shimmer Rays Limited Editions

4,7 5 0 68 68 <p>Own your throne like Boity with the limited edition perfumed body spray by Impulse. </p> Click the <a href="">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Boity by Impulse - Tribal Soul & Endless Summer & Rebel Queen & Shimmer Rays Limited Editions


Very long lasting impulse body spray, bought it once for my daughter it's not too strong
i absolutely LOVE the tribal Impulse very sad that there is none on the shelves in majority of the shops as if its discontinued as i have been searching for it for monthly. it has such a fresh fruity scent that lasts, real value for money
Boity Spray
I love how fresh I smelled after using Boity impulse.
Fresh Boity
This product didn't disappoint as it smells great, will definitely recommend it as its scent is not too strong like other body sprays.
MaNxumalo experience
I bought Endless Summer Boity Deodorant in the hope to have exactly that and I was impressed and loved its lasting scent and really boosted my workplace all day confident. I love it still.
So fresh and really makes you feel like a queen. After trying it out i will definitely be willing to try anything else from impulse. Just fantastic i highly recommend everyone to try it for thebselfs. For all those queens out their stay fresh and fabulous
Boity's deo
I just love how it smells, the confidence I have when passing other ladies knowing I smell pretty good.
For the love of the fantastic smell. My kids cannot leave without the smell of it.
Boity by Impulse
I love the scent especially on teenagers, my daughter uses it only in the morning but when she comes from school she still smells fresh. It's long lasting and quite affordable
This product is so worth it. Works like a charm n leaves you smelling fresh all day long.
Queen smell
My daughter is a fan of Boity. When she saw this she wanted to try it and loved it. The smell last and the package is attractive.
Obsessed with the product and its affordable it is really a must have, have been using it ever since
Best body spray
I am obsessed with the Impulse Tropical Beach... Unilever has outdone themselves with this range.
Boity impulse
A friend of my recomend,I tried it smells so nice and its affordable .
Must have
My best body spray ever I first started using them when I was 23 years old even now am still on them 👌😊I dont even use roll on and it last

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