Bokomo Corn Flakes Chocolate

4,5 5 0 103 103 A crispy-crunchy bowl of BOKOMO Cornflakes is a great breakfast choice to start your day the right way, and now available in chocolate flavour with a free slurpee spoon to slurp up the chocolaty milk.
Bokomo Corn Flakes Chocolate


Great taste
I love the crunchiness of the bokomo corn flakes. My mornings are never the same,the chocolate flavor is to die for. I would definitely recommend this to everyone
everyone loves chocolate and no one would not want to start their day without having chocolate. The crunchy and chewiness that is combined with chocolate is a way to go. I do recommend it.
Chocolate cornflakes
Bokomo cornflakes chocolate are my son's favorite and he just refuses to substitute with any other cereal. I guess its because they are coated with chocolate and tastes divine. I recommend these cornflakes,especially if you have bambinos.
I bought this product to try it, my kids loves taste.
My little one of 9 years old eat this without milk this is how nice it tastes
wow wow wow...... great tasting and a different taste than just the same old same old
I bought this last week to give it a try and I am so impressed, will never go back to the original corn flakes again :)
My little one is now 4, and loves everything chocolate!!! she just love this corn flakes
I loved it. Very tasty :) My daughter had great fun using the spoon to drink he chocolate milk!
What a brilliant product. My kids are enjoying this as well as myself. It is tasty and the kids want more and more. I will recommend this to family and friends
My Niece and Nephew come to our house and always have a healthy appetite. They love Bokomo Corn Flakes chocolate. When they come to the house they always ask for Bokomo Corn Flakes and it fills them both up.
My son loves this cereal, I have to buy it every month - great product.
Great tasting product! Now I don't need to mix my Nesquick into my Kellogg's Cornflakes!
This is now my 11 year old son's favourite favourite. My eldest son however doesn't like it as much - he says its too sweet. But for now my 11 year old is enjoying the entire box himself.
As I am a chocoholic I prefer everything in chocolate, Bokomo could not have made a better choice. Totally inlove and addicted..

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