BOS Sugar Free Ice Tea

4,4 5 0 85 85 BOS Brands, the colourful and proudly South African ice tea company has officially added a sugar free variant to its line of delicious fruit flavoured ice teas, which will be launching mid-June 2016. The first of BOS’s iconic cans to go sugar free are two of the brand’s most popular flavours, peach and lemon. <p> The Sugar Free variant will continue to remain colourant and preservative free, with the brand’s organically grown rooibos, farmed at a private nature reserve in the Cederberg. <p> The Sugar Free Peach and Lemon will both be available in 275ml cans and the Sugar Free Lemon will also be available in a 1 litre. Keep an eye out for the new bold cans showing off their zeros!
BOS Sugar Free Ice Tea


Sugar Free Journey
Peace is my fave. It's perfect for me since I am trying to reduce on the sugar. Tastes great you wouldn't even know it doesn't have sugar.
No 1 Ice tea
Bos ice tea is the number one ice tea brand my family loves and always asks for. They taste great and is a healthier option. The service I receive when ordering online is also exceptional. Would recommend them anytime.
Boss who is the boss of drinks? BOS Sugar Free Ice Tea is the Boss i love this
Thumbs up
The sugar free variant is perfect for me as I am on the Keto diet so its a little guilt free piece of thirst buster.
Just Brought it and i actually enjoyed it , i would recommend it as it Helps with thirst and is very tasty. Will buy it again . My Children loved it as it is not so sweet at all .
Best sugar free iced tea
Really enjoyed the peach flavoured BOS. So tasty you even forget that it is supposed to be sugar free
Great for the family
This product quenches my familys thirst,Its great for adults and children.I love all the flavors.
Not bad
This brand I've noticed more and more restaurants are selling. Boss has been doing very well. I like the taste. I don't always drink ice tea but when I do I prefer this brand...
healthy drink
I love it with ice, cannot go a day without it,fav drink of the year.
Boos sugar free oh cooling
Yes to this the taste is just refreshing it was one of those 1st time experience drinking sugar free drink
Zero Sugar
This is my prefered diet drink as I am cutting down on sugar and looking after my health
The boss of tea!
I tried this at a restaurant and absolutely love it. Haven't purchased it myself, but I definitely will!
Needs a little more taste/flavor
I've tried this tea iced cold to near frozen and I've been disappointed every single time. It tastes like very weak tea/juice. The flavoring needs to be enhanced
Best iced tea of all. Really fragrant and sugar free.
not so easy to find not all stores stock it. great to enjoy ice tea without the sugar guilt

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