BOS Sugar Free Ice Tea

4,4 5 0 88 88 BOS Brands, the colourful and proudly South African ice tea company has officially added a sugar free variant to its line of delicious fruit flavoured ice teas, which will be launching mid-June 2016. The first of BOS’s iconic cans to go sugar free are two of the brand’s most popular flavours, peach and lemon. <p> The Sugar Free variant will continue to remain colourant and preservative free, with the brand’s organically grown rooibos, farmed at a private nature reserve in the Cederberg. <p> The Sugar Free Peach and Lemon will both be available in 275ml cans and the Sugar Free Lemon will also be available in a 1 litre. Keep an eye out for the new bold cans showing off their zeros!
BOS Sugar Free Ice Tea


Really a very refreshing drink and I like that it is sugar free, which is great as my husband has sugar issues.
My dogtertjie is mal oor die peach flavour. Ek hou hiervan want dit het baie minder suiker as die ander make
This product is fantastic! Only complaint is we struggle to find it in restaurants.
love this product best thing ever . easy to drink while traveling
i loooooove iced teas and this make is my all time fav, and now with sugar free is making me really happy
My whole family loves Ice tea. Its delicious and tasty. Nice if its chilled in the fridge. Please send me a sample of this one HTC. Thanks
I have packed this in for my daughter to school and sport, and she loved it. She is very fond of the peach flavour. Also very refreshing with ice and fresh lemon!
ought some in the week and found it to be delicious. Thought it might not be sweet enough, but the taste is delicious
it's really nice to drink when you go out with the family.It makes me in a happy mood whenever I will drink it.
I am on banting journey I seen this being recommended. I will love to try ut
I haven't tried Boss sugar-free ice tea, but I'm sure it will be a nice beverage to cool you down. A big bonus is that the ice tea is sugar-free!!!
Hi there Haven't tried this ice tea yet. absolutely adore lipton ice tea, have been buying this for years now. Would really like to taste this one.
I have never tested the BOS ice tea I would be happy to to taste the new ice tea
Have seen this product but never tried it.may I please get a sample.thank you
This looks lovely. Would like to try the peach n lemon flavour.

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