Boston Rooibos Cappuccino Sachets

4,3 5 0 169 169 Boston cappuccino is more than just a celebration of a much-needed break in your daily routine; it is a quiet moment taken to reflect or those five minutes stolen to enjoy the company of others.
Boston Rooibos Cappuccino Sachets


It's decidedly different, more earthy and takes a bit of getting used too if you're an avid coffee drinker..but great for those who want something more relaxing.
Combos communicate
I told my bf I love Cappuccino and roibos. And he brought me this. A perfect combination. I love it
Value for money
Great tasting flavours, not to rich or overwhelmingly sweet.
Love this product
I absolutely love the Rooibos Cappuccino. I never thought that I would love a tea in form of a cappuccino but I really really love this product and will continue to use it
boston cappuccino
I have tried this product and loved it. it was so delicious even my friends enjoyed it,
Rich and creamy
I've tried it and enjoy it.. It's enjoyable any time of the day. Its rich and creamy no extra sugar needed. Its can be easily be prepared
Works perfect on a rainy day. It is so creamy and tasty and doesn't really need sugar if you not a sugar fan like me. It goes well with biscuits too
Is new better?
I tried this product before the new look and recipe and i had loved it. I would have been able to live off it alone. Since the new recipe and look, I feel like the original homey taste is gone. Don't get me wrong, I'd still be buying this 5 years from now, but not with the same experience and excitement as before
This is a great tasting quick beverage whenever you are in a rush. The comfort of ripping a packet and having the great aroma of the tea invading your senses and relaxing you before a hectic day ahead or for a calming drink before bed. Love this
Does not taste bad, however I do wish that it was creamier and that had a stronger flavour to it. It is a good drink for any time of the day and does not need added sweetener. The sachets include a generous amount of the product.
Rooibos cappuccino
It is definitely unpleasant to my palette and it lacks creaminess. The flavor or consistency of the contents in it dissolves quickly. I think my point can help rectify the quality of this product.
I was lucky to get hold of the pack and I could tell the taste was excellent and appeasing to my standard. Being a rooibos tea love I bet on my life this one beats them all. The cappuccino was very refreshing and the smell oh was to die for. I have been recommending it to my fellow church sisters. They can't wait to find it at the shelves of the supermarket.
There's no need to add milk or sugar its nice
These are fantastic. As a tea drinker this is one of the easiest ways I treat myself. No need to add sugar or milk; just add boiling water and you have a treat in your cup!
Great product!
Absolutely love this! Would recommend this.

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