4,8 5 0 37 37 The tastes of summer ripped in peaches, brewed to perfection in our Bundaberg Brewed. Now you can enjoy this refreshing full bodied taste all year round.
Bundaberg Peach Flavoured Drinnk
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peachy freshness
i enjoyed this drink, more so the grapefruit flavour, the only downside is the container, glass with no proper cap to close the drink once opened, this is best drank at home and not on the go.
This was absolutely yummy and a real thirst quencher. Love that you can recycle the bottle or repurpose it.
Love all of Bundaberg’s drink! Definitely highly recommended! LOVE it!
must say this is a thirst quencher, availability is a bit scares. So when ever we see it we buy a few
Amazing packaging
I have to.admit I bought this for the packaging:) the product pleasantly surprised me! Finding a non carbonated drink that is so delicious is hard to find :)
Bundaberg peach
Love the taste, and the glass bottle can be recycled too.
Love all of Bundaberg’s drink! Definitely highly recommended! LOVE it!
Love this Peach
Having tried the Ginger beer i was excited to see the Peach at my local store and bought it i now go back for more the taste is pure peach and takes me on a joyride when i have a Bottle ice cold, It is to have a summer peach when there are no fruits but i love the taste and i will always get more
rich and creamy
amazing stuff. well done home tester club. this product is rich and creamy. peach flavor was amazing and i love the bottle shape
Peachy heaven
Love the taste , glass bottle is always a win and its completely different from other sodas on the market. I absolutely loved it .
Peach drink
You had me at peaches . I thouroughly enjoyed every sip of this drink . Its so tasty , so refreshing and definitely quenches your thirst. A burst of summer captured in one bottle . Love it
Tastes great
Even though I tried the ginger beer I enjoyed more compared to the competition
peach bliss
loved the sweet peachy flavours and enjoyed it chilled
Boyfriend and I love these! Bit expensive in ZA coz its imported but worth it. Also, love that its in glass - recyclable!
Bundaberg Peach Flavoured Drinnk
We first tried this while in Australia, and are happy to see you can buy the Peach and Ginger Beer one in SA. They are quite pricey but worth it for a treat every now and then.

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