Canderel Deliciously Sweet Granola 0% Added Sugar

4,6 5 0 386 386 Wake up to a bow of satisfyingly crunchy Canderel Granola with 0% added sugar, it's a delicious & sweet way to start your day! Vegan Friendly.
Canderel Deliciously Sweet Granola 0% Added Sugar


My Breakfast Companion
Cant go through the day without my favorite cereal Granola I really love the taste and you can have it with milk, juice or yoghurt, would love to test this product.
Okay i just tried this granola at a friend's house and i absolutely loved it. The crunchiness and delicious taste of it made wanna buy my own. Not too sweet like other granolas even, Would dèfinitely recommend
I’m not really a granule kinda person, I was just trying and see. Was shocked that it helped as I was full almost the whole day, Beneficial for the new diet plan I’m currently at
This delightful delicious treat is very good it makes me feel full I'm enjoying it
I love the fact that it has no added sugar. Simply delicious.
Canderel delicious granola 0% sweet
I rather buy these granolo than something over-sweet which is also unhealthy
Best and delightful filling to a healthy start of the day
Healthy meal a day keep the energy levels balanced
Great snack for a diet
If you are on a diet and would like something sweet to snack on then this is your go-to food. I have this as a treat, it tastes so good with milk or plain yoghurt.
Canderel deliciously sweet
Its high in fibre and very good for maintaining a lean and healthy body.
The best for a quick no mess no fuss healthy breaky
Good as breakfast and a snack
I am not a fun of granola, but I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. Not only as a breakfast option, but as a dry snack! It replaced my daily nut snack for a great 2 weeks until I ran out. Definitely getting more!!
Canderel - Granola 0% Added Sugar
This Canderel granola with 0% added Sugar is best for those quick morning snacks. As sugar is no longer a priority, I enjoy this with a bowl of yoghurt or on its own and it fuels me with energy required for the day. Since I love the crunch of the granola I am eating it every hour of everyday.
Love it
Goes well with my herbalife shake. And it tates nice
Great and healthy cereal .my family favorate
This is a great, healthy cereal. Tastes great with yoghurt. Its very filling and a great snack too.

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