3,7 5 0 53 53 It's made made with a Reb A extract, the sweetest extract found in the Stevia plant, it is 200 times sweeter than suger but without all the kilojoules.
Canderel sweetened with Stevia plant extract 100 tablets
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Healthier Alternative
We have tried this for a few months now and I must admit I am still getting used to this taste.... It's not bad but definitely not the same as Canderel or real sugar.
I didn't like this one. It is the healthier choice, but I don't drink a lot of coffee, so this is not my first choice. I love the Vanilla though.
Love the product , no after taste and chemical taste
I bought this Canderel last month. It's good but I still need to adjust to it's taste. It's not as sweet and has a tad bit of an after taste.
I like it, compared to other sweeteners i tried, it is not as very sweet. and no aftertaste for me plus its good for my weight loss program.
This is the only sweetener we use in our house .... it’s the best
Not too crazy about this one. A very bitter after taste, although it is the healthier choice.
I love Canderel, prefer the original over the Stevia & slightly over priced
I have tried this. best now now bitter after taste. Tasty. Healthy for me.
I use it in my tea and coffee it tastes a lot like sugar than any other sweetner
We have tried this and find that the sweetness is not as intense as with the "normal" variant
can i recieve the sample to taste, i never had a chace to taste something from hometester
I did never tried the Canderel before we only use the red one, but will love to try the taste of this one.
I have not tried this product but heard that it is very good
My mother in law is using this tablets due to she's diabetes and her sugar levels is very well#Canderel Sweetened

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