Clean & Clear Oil Control facial Scrub

4,5 5 0 46 46 A gentle exfoliating scrub that leaves your skin feeling fresh and looking shine free all day long.
Clean & Clear Oil Control facial Scrub


Always feels like a new born. I loves facial scrubs that really works like magic
clean clear
it makes me feel brand new everytime i use it . works like magic in making me glow.
Cleans well
This cleans well and removes oil and shine. I used it for one month and it worked well. No greasiness or oiliness. The product did what it's supposed to do. I would recommend if you are looking for cheaper options.
I used ot once and it was good no complaints it is good for exfoliation
Its great at times for exfoliating however does tend to give me a break out at times
The best facial scrub in the market
I have always had an extremely oily skin and this product was the ONLY product to keep my oily skin in control. I simply love the smell and how fresh and soft my face feels after
good skin care product
it makes me feel brand new everytime i use it . works like magic in making me glow.
I really like that you can feel that the microbeads are actually there. It really does provide a good exfoliation. It's also nice that it leaves your skin moisturised and not totally dry
Cleanses skin perfectly
Clean and Clear products are great for the skin. I see immidate result after each scrub
Love item
I love this product been a bit disappointed tho as last few times hadn't been able to get it so had to pick something else which I've not been happy with but the product it's self is amazing
Clear skin
This is a great gave wash. Skin feels clean and fresh. Our does but dry it my skin subbed gross with blemishes.
Clean and clear
This product has come in handy for my face.. it is a good product so far and i am loving it.
Life saver
Most of my teens I had bad acne one day I saw an advert decided to try it omw was amazed by the result I bought the entire range from the soap to the moisturize so glad i did , still have a scrab even to this day
I have seen my daughter using it would love to try it one of thses days. Wonder if it works as they say
I would like to try this out for my husband as he has oily skin. Would love to test it.

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