0 5 0 41 New Clean and Clear Shine Control Daily Facial wash with bursting beads effectively cleanses for shine free skin all day. Also available in a Daily Facial Scrub.
Clean and Clear Shine Control
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Think this would help for my oily skin type. Would buy and try it
I haven't received any products from the home tester club. However this product sounds great.
This looks perfect for my skin! Oily skin is a problem on this side.
My face needs a scrub from tym to tym so i will b on the outlook for this
Ek het dit nog nooit gebruik nie,maar sal dit graag wil toets!
Have been using this face wash for for a loooong time and would never change it for anything else! It makes my face feel fresh, while ex foliating and removing excess oils.
works great, i have naturally shiny T-zone and it really helped with controlling the shine
Everybody has different skin types. Its all about finding the right one that works for me. Since I was a teenager Clean and Clear has really worked for me. However it has become so expensive.
I have not used this yet so would love to try it out. My kids been teenagers, can`t seem to find the right product to work for them so should give it a try.
Gonna try this product on my teenager`s skin. If it works I will be overjoyed!
Have use the soap of Clean and Clear but not the Shine Control and wud love to try it
clear chine gee gesig so n tinteling as jy dit was
this really doesn`t work for me, nivea is the best.
My husband`s been using this & it`s great his oily skin is becoming normal again.
I have used Clean and Clear before, and it has worked very well, so can`t wait to give this new product a try!

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