Clere Petroleum Jelly for Men Storm

4,1 5 0 51 51 This Clere for Men fragranced Petroleum Jelly will lock in moisture and protect your skin.
Clere Petroleum Jelly for Men Storm


Clere Petroleum Jelly
I bought this Clere Petroleum Jelly for my husband and he raved how good it was for his skin. I got tempted to try it and it was really not too bad, but I thought it was too thick.
I was invited to the event and I must say I loved it. The programme was nice and entertaining. The setup of the tea break could have been better, I also feel that something more filling than small biscuits could have been served.
Clere Petroleum Jelly for Men Storm
I love it because it leaves my skin feeling cool refreshed and rejuvenated.
Clere Petroleum Jelly
My husband loooves this, I have tired it as well and I must say it took my by surprise. It is really a good product.
i love the smoothness of the product and its good on my body and and ankles aswell.
My husband love this just a great product thanks.but you can sent a sample ,to have exstra we don't mind.
My spouse doesn't like the dryness it leaves after a few hours of application. It doesn't really stay long on Ur skin. Different smell same quality.
My husband has not yet tried this product, please send me a sample to test, thank you
My husband uses this product - and loves t everyday!

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