Clover Care Enriched Full Cream Milk

4,6 5 0 126 126 Clover Care Enriched Full Cream Milk contains 11 vitamins, nine amino acids and three minerals, and is a good source of protein and calcium.
Clover Care Enriched Full Cream Milk


Clover care
This is Clover care is soo good and soo creamy and i love the fact that it caters for all members of my family,its a bit pricey but it is worth every cent you send on it... Im impressed
I quite enjoy this milk. It's rich and creamy PRICEY THU
This is great value for money and the fact that it caters for eveey member in the family it makes it to be unmatched. Kids can piur the milk on their own, without spilling all over place. I love its richness so much
It's from the cow
Clover Care Enriched Full Cream Milk is lovely - as if it came directly from a cow into the packaging. It's packaged great makes for easy handling by even kids. It's a little expensive
Creamy Milk
The packaging is really easy to handle and pour. Even the kids can hold it steadily. Not forgetting to mention that the milk is creamy as well.
The first time I tasted it, I was reminded of the milk we use to drink when I was younger... Great value 4 m9ney
Used this milk for my younger kids, was very good and they enjoyed every cup they drank
Handy size
The size its handy, the product is very rich and creamy. I like it in my coffee
nice but pricey
it was a bit pricey very rich and creamy was as it came fresh from the cow
Really creamy
I quite enjoy this milk. It's rich and creamy. I prefer using it in savoury treats/dishes over hot drinks though.
best for my family and in convenient container
handy 1 Lt container that i will recommend to all my friends and family
Normal Full Cream fine by me
I was excited first time I saw this milk, but tastes like fat free milk with water and coffee creamer added for taste. Won't but this no matter nutritional value mentioned.
The most creamy milk.
When I first saw this milk i thought it was a bit pricey, but once I tasted how absolutely delicious and creamy it is. It really tastes like I got it fresh from the farm.
Morning milk
The best milk by far. I can leave in in the fridge for 2 weeks and every morning it taste fresh. So happy with the taste aswell.
Love it
I was amused with the taste of this milk, I will surely buy again! I love the creamy taste!

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