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Clover Classic Tangy Mayonnaise Strong Tanginess
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Clover Tangy Moyonaise
I love Cross and Blackwell Mayo. I decided to try this when I first saw it abd I must say I am impressed!
totally amazing
it worked well with my potato salad and as well as a dressing for my other salads.
The best taste
This mayo does not only last longer but have the best tangy taste 🤪
The best affordable Mayo
One of my favorites you cant go wrong with its smooth tangy taste
It's the best
I love this mayonnaise. It's my favourite. Won't change it for anything.
Absolutely delicious. Tastes like you never could imagine
Tangy indeed
What you see is exactly what you get. I really enjoyed this mayonnaise especially with my famous potato salad. Made it for a mini get together early December and the ladies also enjoyed it. ❤️👍
Best Mayo ever
This is the best mayonnaise I have ever tasted. To think that i was never a mayo person, now i put it in everything
My family loves it. Its so yummy and very delicious.
Mayo with a ting
If you're looking for tangy mayonnaise that's just right then this is for you. I love that it's not too strong on the tongue still giving you the ting you're looking for.
I love the tanginess of this mayonnaise ,it also very creamy. I enjoyed it with salads and sandwiches.
Lovely taste
This mayonnaise makes a salad come alive. Really very tasty. Gives normal mayonnasie a boost in the flavour. Love this even with sandwiches
Mayonnaise great with sandwiches salad or for cooking. Enjoy the tangy balanced taste especially on a chicken mayo sandwich.
Absolutely Delicious
I am a big fan of Mayo! I always thought Cross &Blackwell was the one until I tried this brand... I am telling you can never go wrong! My man and I would never go shopping and miss out on getting this product. I mean NEVER Because why have dull food when you can sauce it up with the clover brand tangumayo!!
Smooth and Tangy clover mayonaise
Really enjoyed the mayonaise, definitely getting it again, especially cause I loved the smooth taste, like it's double cream yogurt, but with an extra kick. Works well for potato salad, chicken mayo sandwich and I love adding it when I make an egg salad.

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