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Another great product - I do feel that the packaging is very similar to that of Zero. I do however prefer Zero
No difference in taste
Love that I didn't taste any difference between it and the original zero product. You just need to change the packaging cause this is confusing. Need to have better distinguishable features
no caffeine & sugar free
just love this coca-cola its sugar free and there is no need to feel guilty when having one glass to quench your thirst. always buy more than one.
coca cola
Tastes great, very similar to the original sweetened coca cola
Weekly winner!
It is fantastic - tastes great and the no sugar and no caffeine content is a bonus! I buy at least 2 of these every week and have only been disappointed once.
it tastes good and it takes the thirst away.It is healthy
It is refreshing and I feel better about drinking it as it does not push up my blood pressure or sugar.
Coca Cola
Fake fake fake....not good at all. Would never buy it again.
Healthier option, still the Coke taste
There is nothing as good as a ice cold coke on a hot summers day. Seeing as I am quite health conscious, I do not treat myself to a coke as often as I would like. That is until they released No Sugar, No Caffeine. Still the great familiar Coke taste and best of all, my child can also drink which is great seeing as fizzy cooldrink is a big no in our house due to the high sugar content.
Great Taste
It doesn't have any of the nasty after tastes that you expect from other 'sugar free' sodas!
Coke Zero Rocks
Sooooo, we took the leap of faith and purchased 2 bottles because they were on special. My hubby won't drink standard coke anymore and the girls also enjoy a glass. I like it but the aftertaste takes some getting used to.
Coca-Cola No Caffeine No sugar
takes time to get used to the no sugar taste, but coca cola will always quench your thirst, great product
i love this product, almost taste like coke. my favourite
Healthier option
Although I'm not a soda fan, I must admit that the "no sugar" "no caffeine" Coca-Cola is a good option to try if you are really feeling in the mood for Soda. I also buy these for my kids.
This coke isn't like the coke light, it tastes like coke but it leaves and after taste, for those that likes coke should have this unless your'e used to coke light. I often buy coke and I've been buying this because i'm diabetic and enjoy it.

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