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Coca-Cola No Caffeine
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Great taste didnt relize it was cafeine free till after i drank it
Coke no suger and caffeine
I was addicted to the original one but decided to taste this one and I love it because it taste good.
Number one
Its the same great taste of original Coca Cola with no sugar or caffeine, my kids can drink it too which is a plus for special occasions like birthday parties
No Caffeine
I'm very sensitive to sugar and caffeine products, and this works great. The taste is almost the same a coke light.
I love this new product. Have to stop myself from buying it every day. The fact that it doesn't have caffeine is great for people with Epilepsy and other caffeine sensitivities.
Love new No caffeine coke
My New Fav, used to only drink coke Zero but now I drink nothing but the Gold bottle, Same taste as coke zero but no Caffeine! Love it,
The new Coca-Cola with no sugar and no caffeine has the same great taste as the original coke. the healthier version is good for the whole family. i will recommend this to my friends and family.
I get that everyone is trying to be more healthy but leave Coke as it should be. Coke should not be tampered with.
Coca-Cola No sugar no caffeine
My everyday drink. I purchase this cool drink everyday, because of it flavour and even much better without the sugar and caffeine element it. Love it , I am hooked. Definately recommend it to all my friends
Love it.
I always wanted to drink ONLY the origianal coca-cola, but since my Dr adviced that I should cut the carbs I just loved this taste and no carbs whatsoever. I'm a huge fan. My favourite drink.
with this coke and normal coke Zero with the caffeine , i personally do not really taste much of a difference. i enjoy the flavour and its nice that there is that option to not have caffeine.
Great Choice
Im on a caffeine free diet I bought this coke the other day I loved the taste
Coca cola No Caffeine
This coca cola with no sugar no caffeine.The first time I bought it.I thought the taste was going to be totally off and wouldn't taste the coke taste,but was suprised it tasted just fine and I enjoyed it.
Coke Zero Caffeine free
Used to buy tab but it had a distinct aftertaste , this Coke Zero tastes just like coke Zero without the Caffeine which is great
Firm Favourite
I used to buy Tab for that cola flavour, but without the caffeine. I am so happy that Coke now makes a caffeine free option. This is the only Coke i buy now! Love it.

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