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Coca-Cola No Caffeine
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Best Drink ever
This is best since coke zero. I only drink the zero range. And it tastes better than the originals. I cannot drink anything else besides coke zero or zero caffeine. What's great is that I can allow my toddler to have a little bit and it doesn't put her on a high. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT
I actually prefer it
So I was skeptical that it may be more fizz than flavour (like Tab) but it actually tastes better than the normal Coke Zero. If it's in stock i'll buy this one over the normal Coke Zero. I'm pretty happy with it.
Wow... I have to say I was really happy with the Coke as I expected it to have a different taste seeing as it has no sugar. I was pleasantly surprised it tastes the same a the original Coke💛
Like the original
For me it taste just like the original product but without all the sugar content i absolutely love it
Finally No Caffeine
I have been waiting for this product since seeing the gold cans on the internet and since stopping caffeine last year, not only is it here but it actually tastes really really great!
Actually not bad
I was not eager to try this cause the Zero cooldrinks taste horrible, but this one to my surprise was good, my family loved it as well.
Caffeine, sugar free Coke
I gave the new caffeine, sugar free Coke a four star review... My family love the new caffeine, sugar free Coke. It almost taste just like the original coke with no sugar or caffeine.
I love Coca-Cola No Caffeine because i suffer from migraine headaches and i cant have things with caffeine so this coke is simply the best Cold Drink i can i have once a twice week without feeling sick
Healthy cheating
I have chronic colitis and should be staying away from all caffeine and sugar! The important word should. It has been hard keeping my soft drink cravings under control, and with this new product I see better health on my horizon! i simply LOVE the new No Caffine No Sugar coke range!!!
my son
Now this review is on behalf of my son (10yrs). I don't normally allow him fizzy drinks however he would have one every now and again. So whilst shopping with his dad he say this and bought it. Now when we go out first thing he orders is Coke Zero, No caffeine and no sugar lol. My son is a HUGE FAN thank you COKE
Different taste
I am not a fan of the taste, it is almost as if it tastes flat.
Just as good as Coke
I love it. Its just as tasty as regular coke. For me personally, its good for when on a low calorie eating plan and feel like having a glass of coke. And as for caffein free its great for those sensitive to it
Coca-Cola No Sugar
Tastes okay, bottle looks to close to Zero, would change the bottle. Reminds me of Tab.
Tab still tops
Am very happy to see that CocaCola is also doing a caffeine free version. Good taste, but not quite as good as Tab!
Really like this
Great taste, feels like the old Coca-Cola is back less the cafeine

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