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I have never been a great fan of coca cola but this one has me hooked. Fits in with my no sugar and caffeine requirements and the taste is great
Have been cutting down on my sugar intake and this product has been a welcomed refreshment.
Zero Stars
Not a fan of this at all!! The taste is awful!!! I would not recommend this.
It's not a zero for me!
I definitely can tell the difference between this coke and the original, however this no caffeine, no sugar coke tastes just like coke zero. You still feel like you are drinking the much loved coke. I think it is a great alternative and I will reach for this coke the next time!
I love coke
Its not much of a different taste to coke original. I love it.
NEW favourite
we buy about 4-6l per day or every second day and we totally switched to no sure no caffeine and sprite zero love having options that are a bit healthier for us and my son. Great product.
Coke with less guilt
The coke still tastes as good but you feel less guilty drinking it because it has no sugar and no caffeine.
Coke no sugar
This drink is perfect for my kids and for my health as well. I’m a satisfied mum. If my kids are happy I’m happy. 🤗
should be good for Kids
This drink should be ok to be consummed by kids, especially.
Coca-Cola No Sugar
Really dont like this product. Tried it and surprisingly tasted sweeter than the original coke. Very artificial.
Best for kids !
My kids love Coco -cola and with no sugar and caffeine i am a happy mum !
Cola flavour
Always looking out for a healthier option when it comes to coke. This is now on my list of things to purchase every month!
Too sweet
This Zero Caffeine is more sweeter that the original Coke. I found the taste not pleasant either. I really didnt enjoy it, I rather drink pure water than this drink
Enjoyed the tasted and not too sweet. Nice alternative
Must Have
My family loves coca-cola, We purchase coke on a weekly basis. the packaging might be different but the taste is still there. We are loyal coke supporters. I would recommend this product to anyone. No meal is completed without having a glass of coke

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