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Coca-Cola No Caffeine
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Clever Coke
My hubby has diabetes and with all the sugar free drinks - it doesn't allow always for a great taste. When we saw this product, bought and tried it, we were pleasingly surprise at how well it taste while aiding into a better and healthier option for us. Very happy.
Coke no caffeine
I am so happy they made Coca Cola caffeine free and sugar free. I’m not allowed caffeine and could never drink coke and so now I get to enjoy a glass of refreshing coke no caffeine! And have no issues. Only thing I didn’t like is that it is too sweet.
Not impressed
Tasted the product. Not the same as normal Coke. For some reason it tastes sweeter and goes flat quicker.
Not very lekker
I didn't enjoy this caffeine-free version. It tasted too much like artificial sugar and didn't enjoy it. My usual drink is Coke Zero and I will rather stick to that.
Shocking I'm not happy I must admit I'm a sucker for original supposedly unhealthy coke cola it's worse than tab
Great product
It is nice that Coke has a variety of Coke, it taste slightly different but is great.
Granny's favourite
I bought this for my granny and she love loves it.her favourite drink now.
Not a good after taste
Not fond of the after taste that comes with it. Not as refreshing as well.
My new favourite
My go to choice at the moment love the taste!!!!!!
Coca-Cola no sugar
You can no longer tell the difference between the original Coca-Cola and the sugar-free alternative. No bad after tastes
Coca Cola
Same taste but better for the health. I love Coca Cola
Coca-Cola for the win
Coca-Cola has really stepped their game up and improved the quality of taste. You can no longer tell the difference between the original Coca-Cola and the sugar-free alternative.
Coca cola -no sugar, no cafeine
it tastes good, no after taste as some drinks with no sugar will taste. I will definitely recommend the drink
Coke no sugar and caffeine
I am very sensitive to caffeine...so I really enjoy this coke. I like the taste and the fact that I have it has a caffeine free option.
No Sugar, still the great flavor!
I am one of "those" mom's. My child is not allowed to drink Coke, but it's getting more challenging saying no as he gets older. But this product is now my reason to say YES! Great taste without the sugar and caffeine! and to be honest, my hips are happy to enjoy one too! I recommend trying one for yourself!

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