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Coca-Cola No Caffeine
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No Sugar, still the great flavor!
I am one of "those" mom's. My child is not allowed to drink Coke, but it's getting more challenging saying no as he gets older. But this product is now my reason to say YES! Great taste without the sugar and caffeine! and to be honest, my hips are happy to enjoy one too! I recommend trying one for yourself!
since im not allowed caffeine its great to have a known product that I can also enjoy like other people
Coke Zero
Family and friends love it, no aftertaste. original coke also have less sugar lately. great for all of us
Taste like original
I like that no sugar added good for my teens and the whole family
Not too bad
It tastes okay but we still prefer the original coke as it tastes better. I liked that this product is cheaper than the original so that's great. I'd recommend it to anyone who would like to reduce their sugar and caffeine intake. With a slice of lemon though, it tastes good.
I am very sensitive to caffeine but i really enjoy coke. I like the taste and the fact that i have caffeine free option.
Love it
I love that it has no sugar but tastes as the old one
Guilt free Coke
Awesome product. Tastea very similar tocthe original however you can spot the difference easily. Good for the whole family whilst still enjoying the taste of Coke original, well close enough
Great alternative
Bought a bottle of this to try as we are big fans of Coke zero and were really surprised at the amazing taste! Bonus for me, I am caffeine sensitive and this did not have the negative side effect that Coke generally has for me. Will buy again!
Coke Zero better
My husband bought this instead of our usual coke zero. We noticed the difference immediately. It doesn't taste as nice as coke zero but it has the bonus of no caffeine which will be good for some people. We will stick to coke zero, our favourite.
It The Best
It test really nice. You can't tell the difference between the original.
Coca Cola
This product doesn't taste bad at all, tastes similar to coke light. Very sweet for me.
Diet coke
When we bought it we were a bit sceptical. But when we tried it we were happy with this product. It tasted like coke. We really liked it.
Best ever tasted
I'm not a fan of coke but coke no sugar taste good it does not have after taste like other drink with no sugar THANK YOU COCA-COLA
Great taste without the kj's!
Most sugar free cooldrinks are awful but Coke has got it right! My husband and Step-Son both say this one tastes great in a Brown Cow (Milk and Coke eeek yuck!). Got a great deal from PnP last week and got two bottles for R30 so we had Coke all weekend :)

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