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An good excuse
We all try to be healthier but you still like a ice cold Coke every now and then. The new sugar caffeine free option gives me a valid excuse to have a ice cold Coke.
I love it
This product was okay.Tastes the same as the Coca-Cola with sugar.It also is not as strong as the caffeinated one.i am definitely happy with the product and i would recommend this.
I don't like it
I don't like the taste, it taste horrible I would not recommend it to anyone.
No Sugar - Great Taste
This product is a weekly (few times a week) buy for me, it still has a great taste and is also sugar and caffeine free, which is a bonus if you are health conscious and still want to enjoy a soft drink
I am ashamed to say it bu but I'm a fan, it kinda keeps me feel better drinking that actual coca
Tastes just like the good old coke but with no sugar. amazing!
Nothing beats the taste of original Coca-Cola
You can't have a meal without Coke! Best carbonated drink on the market.
Bought it as zero sugar was out of stock, loved it and have bought it again
Great tast
I accidentally bought the no sugar no Caffeine instead of the normal Coca Cola Zero and its really not bad at all its very close to the normal coke Zero i will definitely buy it again and its als much beter for my child with no caffeine!!!!!
This is a very good product and it quench the thirst and it taste really cool. will keep on buying this product as it is for the whole family to enjoy. Only buy the original one.
I hope it tastes like the original but with less acid sometimes it is too much but I love the product and would definitely recommend you to buy this
Have not tried out this Coca Cola yet, will look out for it in the shop. I normally buy the original one
We all love Coca-Cola but its kind of hard having an ice cold glass a night due to the kids. the caffeine intent to keep them active until late. by trying a new caffeine free cola it could just change some things
Would love to try out this product. Hope it is still as tasty as the original Coca cola. Love the fact that it doesn't have caffein, great news
I have not tried this coke , will have a look out for it next time I go to the shop

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